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BW.com To-The-Moon Program:
HC(HyperCash) 50% off sales, buying is winning

HC (HyperCash) listed exchanges: BW.com ZB Binance Bithumb OKEx Huobi Kucoin Gate.io
HC 50% off exclusive sales: half of the market price
HC 50% off purchasing rules: Form a 3-people team to apply for half price quotation
Total HC on sales: 50,000HC
Purchasing currency: USDT

Form A team rules:
 1. A successful team contains 3 KYCed BW.com users
 2. Team quotation:100HC; Team leader quotation:25HC;Team member quotation:25HC
 3. Minimum requirement: Completed KYC
 4. Every person has 1 opportunity to be the leader and 1 opportunity to be the member.  The total quotation can be accumulated.

 1. Home Page–To The Moon URL https://www.bw.com/TopTLP
 2. Click "Form a team", generate a team number and become the team leader. Once the team reach 3 people the whole team is able to apply for HC quotation
 3. Click"Join a team" then input the team number and become a team member. Once the team reaches 3 people the whole team is able to apply for HC quotation
 4. Each user can form a team and join a team. And the quotation can be accumulated
 5. First come first serve till the stock lasts
 6. Once all the quotation is allocated, BW will distribute the HC
 7. 30minutes Prior to HC distribution BW will deduct USDT from user�s account. Deduct USDT amount=average trading price of HC on major exchanges at 11:30 am, 1st Aug 2019 (GMT+8)*allocated quotation
 8. Users are advised to secure sufficient fund in the account at least 1 hour prior to 12:00 pm, 1st Aug 2019. If the user account doesn�t have sufficient fund then BW will deduct the maximum deductible amount
 9. Users are strongly advised to complete KYC prior to joining the program

HC 50% sales timing:
 1. HC Quotation apply timing: 14:00, 31st Jul,2019 (GMT+8)
 2. HC coin distribution timing: 12:00, 1st Aug,2019 (GMT+8)
 3. HC open trading timing: 14:00, 1st Aug,2019 (GMT+8)
HyperCash official website:https://h.cash/
HyperCash whitepaper:https://h.cash/themes/en/images/HCASH-YellowPaper-1.1.pdf

BW.com To-The-Moon program is a listing program for selected tokens including high-quality main tokens or high-potential new tokens.

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