HIMO World Whitelist Private Sale

Private Pool Airdrop Campaign Detail

  • Total Prize : 20 Private Slots.
  • Ends at: 12:00 PM UTC January 8th, 2022 (UTC).


Ladies and Gentlemen!

We are on our way to complete the private sale. This is the only chance left for you to join and be a part of us. We are so thrilled to announce this campaign as follows:

Details :
:page_with_curl: Total pool : 20 Private slots.

 10 Top Entry Slots & 10 Slots Decided by Random roll.
:page_with_curl: $100 / slot. 
:page_with_curl: Private Price : $0.03 / HIMO token.


  • Follow HIMO World Twitter (+1pt)
  • Retweet a post & Tag your 2 friends (+1pt)
  • Join HIMO World Discord Server (+1pt)
  • Join HIMO World Telegram Community (+1pt)
  • Join HIMO World Announcement Telegram(+1pt)
  • Like our Facebook Official Fanpage (+1pt)
  • Share a Facebook post (+1pt)
  • Follow HIMO Medium (+1pt)
  • Submit your email (+1pt)
  • Submit your BEP-20 wallet address (+1pt) 
  • Refer your friends to get more points and increase your chances of winning. (Unlimited invitations) (+2 pts/ 1 successful invites)