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Welcome to headsApp

    � Download Android demo from Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.headsappworld
    � iPhone demo coming soon!

headsApp Concept

    headsApp is an mobile app that will allow you to be everywhere at once!
    Restaurants, offices, events, airports, banks, etc.
    You name it!
    If you can find it in Google, you can find it in headsApp .
    You will know everything from every where.

How it works

    headsApp will store a communication channel for every place in the world.
    Users that are not at a place will be able to communicate with users that are currently at that place, via headsApp .
    A user that is not at a location will be able to engage in a conversation with users at that location.
    I.e., If a user wants to find out whether there is too much waiting time to get sat in a restaurant or not,
    the user will look up the restaurant channel via headsApp and engage in a chat conversation with users at that location,
    where s/he will be able to ask questions and even request photos and videos!

Demo: https://headsappworld.com/
Token Sale: https://getheadsapp.com/

Everybody will monetize

    In addition to be a fun and valuable tool that will save user time and resources, it will be a profitable platform.
    Users that are not at a location will be able to join the location channel via headsApp and ask questions about anything they need to know,
    but if they request photos or videos, the users will have to pay a fee.
    On the other hand, users that are at the place will receive a commission for every photo or video they send.

    That way every one makes money and is benefited by headsApp .

    It is a unique business model that nobody has implemented yet.

    You can benefit and help the realization this app by buying HEADSAPP tokens.

Example scenarios

    � Parents findings kids on the run.
    � Parents will be able to lookup for nightclubs and bars and ask the people there if they see their missing child.
    � Find out if a restaurant has a waiting line to get sat and eat.
    � If you are running late to a concert, find out if your favorite band has started playing and determine if it is still worth to attend.
    � Find if a bank or office was a long or short line to be assisted.
    � Business owners will be able to promote their goods and services by means of last minute offers.
    � Find out missing people of all sort.
    � Very helpfull tool for parents, spouses, civilians, and even the police.

Business owners will also benefit

    Business owners will also benefit with headsApp .
    They will be able to post offers, messages, or special events to every user in real time.

    It is convenient for business owners since they won't have to collect email o telephone numbers to be in touch with their patrons.


    � Help to save time and resources.
    � Users will not have to be physically present at a location to learn what is going on there.

    � Help to find missing kids by requesting real time info in bars or discoteques.

    � Help business owners to promote their business.
    � Help authorities to find find wanted individuals.
    � To integrate and globalize the world even more.
    � Everyone will know everything about everywhere.
    � Make this world a better place.


    � To be the best advertising platform in the world.
    � Help everyone make money!

Demo: https://headsappworld.com/
Token Sale: https://getheadsapp.com/


    Pre-ICO CrowdSale starts on
    January 14, 2019
    10% BONUS

Pre-ICO Suply

    9 million HEADSAPP tokens for sale (total supply 21 millones)

    0-5 million for 0.10 usd
    5-9 million for 0.20 usd


    ICO CrowdSale starts on
    January 28, 2019
    February 17th 2019

ICO Suply

    12 million HEADSAPP tokens for sale (total supply 21 millones)

      9-13 million for 0.30 usd
    13-17 million for 0.40 usd
    17-21 million for 0.60 usd

Please visit our demo and the token sale website for more info

Demo: https://headsappwor

Token Sale: https://getheadsapp.com/

Let's build something big and useful together
Let's make this world a better place!

We appreciate your support and contribution
to the development of this dream called headsApp

Thank you!


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