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The most awaiting Pre-ICO sale of Davorcoinx hit the ground running on 1st July and will continue to 10th July, followed by an ICO sale when another one million Davorcoinx, A cryptocurrency that foresees to be one of the best alternatives digital currencies, will be released.

Why is DavorcoinX (DAVX) the Best Blockchain Investment for 2019?

DavorX is a virtual or digital currency that is based on the ERC-20 standard. DavorX cryptocurrency can be used for the instant peer-to-peer transfer of payments by the users in a decentralized network with high security.

The pre-sale of DAVX tokens is being held from July 1 to July 10, 2019 and the current DAVX token price of $ .5 will rise to $1.10 in the public ICO sale.

Here are some top reasons why DavorX is the best Blockchain Investment in 2019 for investors:

Decentralized Network
As discussed, users can transfer Davor Coins instantly to others sitting anywhere in the world in a P2P fashion with the help of a decentralized and distributed blockchain network.

The users have to pay minimal transaction fees for transferring DavorX coins to others. Similarly, unlike popular cryptocurrencies, e.g., Bitcoin, users can easily own DavorX at minimum or discounted prices during its pre token sale.

Anonymous Transactions
The DavorX users carrying out financial transactions in the decentralized network will have the option to hide or show their DavorX address to others (users or nodes) in the network. Users can keep their identity secret, but the transaction will still get recorded and monitored on the blockchain.

DavorX Wallet
Users can easily transfer the DavorX coins to others by simply having an internet connection and a smartphone. They must register on the DavorX web wallet or download wallet app for transferring value to others by entering their payment or DavoX address.

Early Contribution
The members of DavorX pre-ICO sale will get a fantastic opportunity to grab DAVX coins at a minimal price of USD 0.5 and contribute to its growth immensely. A maximum of 1 Million DAVX coins will be distributed during the presale at a discounted rate of $0.5.

Affiliate Program
DavorX will also provide affiliate bonus to all those diligent members who will work towards the growth and popularity of the DAVX.

Although to be eligible for affiliate bonus, the members must perform lending at once. Similarly, the members or investors referred by you must also perform lending, so that you became eligible for affiliate bonus.

Network Program
Network program is an exclusive affiliate scheme offered to online businesses from the DavorX side. Under the network program, all the online businesses who will use or integrate DavorX as a payment tool in their system as per the guidelines of DAVX, and makes smoother for their customers to make payment via DavorX will be rewarded with network bonus, i.e., DAVX tokens. DavorX will also help such online businesses in promoting their brand or site.

The pre-sale of DAVX tokens ends on July 10. Register and buy now!

About Token

Platform: Ethereum platform (ERC20)

Price in PRE-ICO = 0.5 USD

Token for sale : PRE-ICO = 100,000 DAVX

Tokens for sale ICO: 6000000 DAVX

Total Supply: 7000000 DAVX

DAVX Team Contact:

Official Website: https://www.davorx.com/

DAVX Twitter: https://twitter.com/davorcoinx

DAVX Telegram: https://t.me/davorxico

DAVX FB: https://www.facebook.com/davorxico/

DAVX Mail ID: [email protected]

Twitter: https://twitter.com/davorcoinx

Telegram https://t.me/davorxico

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/davorxico/

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