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Harmony, the next generation sharding-based blockchain that is fully scalable, provably secure, and energy-efficient. Harmony addresses the problems of existing blockchains by combining the best research results and engineering practice in an optimally tuned system. Specifically,  Harmony makes breakthroughs in following aspects: FullyScalable, SecureSharding, EfficientandFastConsensus, Adaptive-ThresholdedPoS, ScalableNetworkingInfrastructure, ConsistentCross-ShardTransactions.

Harmony is launching Pangaea � an experimental bounty game for thousands of people to interact with the Harmony network, test the limitations of our technology and have lots of fun while earning rewards. Pangaea is created purely for experimental purposes. It will have its own currency for playing and bookkeeping.

The goals of Pangaea:

    Test Harmony�s upcoming core protocol milestones and updates such as staking smart contracts and resharding, on a network of all external nodes
    Set-up and onboard a vast number of nodes, ready to jump into the mainnet, through collective knowledge building and competitions
    Identify and award community members who help secure Harmony network and are willing to go the extra mile by taking on leadership roles in our validator community

Who can participate?

EveryONE � the more the merrier! To create a fully secure, permissionless, and sharded blockchain we need lots and lots of nodes. If you�ve previously thought running a node was too technical or expensive, this is a great opportunity to give it a go.

There are several paths to participate:


If you want to get your hands dirty and play with the network, this is the way to go! Become a node, learn on the go, secure Pangaea and get the chance to become a node in Mainnet with its stake sponsored by Harmony.

In addition, you will win prizes for maintaining superior network performance during the game.

Technical requirements:

    Minimum of 2 cores, 8G RAM, 50G hard drive
    AWS m5a.large or equivalent from other cloud providers

Go ahead and claim your spot in Pangaea here.


A big part of this experiment is unlocking ideas and resources lying untapped within our community. So we�re giving you full autonomy to do just that! Here are some ways to become a Mayor of Pangaea and start earning rewards:

    Create and share content
    Support newbie players
    Spread the word on social media
    Join the core Pangaea team at Harmony
    Or anything else you can think of � surprise us with your ingenuity and leadership skills!

Join our Discord channel #pangaea to start sharing ideas.


For the more competitive parts of Pangaea Phase III, we are designing a �betting game� for $ONE holders to participate in. Lock your tokens on Binance DEX, place your bet and win more $ONE tokens.

Game rewards

We want to make sure that everyone is rewarded for the work they put into Pangaea. This means covering the basic costs of operating a node as well as additional incentives for those who go above and beyond. The rewards structure is as follows.

Phase I-II rewards:

    Up to $50 for covering the costs of running a node on Pangaea, for anyone who successfully joins Pangaea
    Rewards of $50�$100 as a portion of the block rewards earned in Pangaea
    Leaderboard prizes of $200�$2,000 for top performers on uptime, block rewards and latency
    Chance to win a sponsored node on Harmony Mainnet (Harmony will sponsor your staking slot via delegation for a predetermined time period)

Phase III rewards:

Our goal is to incentivize adversarial behaviour as much as possible. In this phase, there will be lucrative rewards for participants who successfully break Pangaea and submit security vulnerabilities. More details coming soon.
Please note:

    All rewards will be distributed in $ONE tokens after KYC/AML.
    Rewards for mayors and gamblers will be detailed in the following post.






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