Gric Coin Agricultural Block-Chain ICO Reached Its Softcap

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Gric Coin Agricultural Block-Chain ICO Reached Its Softcap

Gric Coin project have reached its soft cap of $1,000,000 USD.

Gric Coin is pleased to announce that the softcap of $1,000,000 USD has been reached.

The Gric Coin (GC) agricultural blockchain ICO project is one of the most promising agricultural blockchain project of 2019.

The project is tipped by industrial experts as a project that will revolutionized agricultural practice in Africa.

The Nigeria and one of African foremost blockchain project started its Pre ICO in November 2018.

�According to the project vision, Gric Coin will create a decentralized open-source currency that is focused on improving agricultural practice and increase agricultural output globally with the major focus on Africa.

Gric coin project is divided into three component projects;
1. The Farm and Blockchain Project
2. Gric Coin Utility Project
3. Gric Coin Service Adoption Project.

The farm and blockchain project which is the first part of the project involves the setting up of a 1000 acres farm and processing factory where farm produce will be processed and professionally packaged to meet international standard. With the aid of smart contract product information will be stored on the blockchain website for product verification, authentication and food fraud prevention.

The 2nd part of the project, The Gric Coin utility project also known as farm partner project is an investment platform that allow investors to make use of Gric Coin for payment for investment done on live agricultural project and earn returns on their investment.
While, the third part is the Gric Coin service adoption project, it allows other agricultural business to adopt the Gric Coin blockchain website service and standards in developing their own agricultural business.

The Gric coin project ICO is currently on 2nd round and is open to anyone willing to invest on the project token.
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