Google Spreadsheet to Web App

I have this spreadsheet that I use as a log for all of my trades. (I mean trading the stock market, forex, crypto etc.)

I manually add in all of my trades it automatically calculates certain metrics that are important to any trader.
I created all of the formulas myself, so I know exactly how it works.

However, I would now like to convert this into a simple web app that will help illustrate all of those metrics in a way that, well doesn't look like a spreadsheet. (Graphs, Bar charts, Visually appealing UX/UI, etc.)

It will also need to be more user-friendly so that the user doesn't feel like they're entering data into a spreadsheet. This could mean using a bot to ask the user a series of questions, which would act as inputs into all of the required fields in the sheet.

I also have some other ideas about additional functionality we can down the road, so the more exercise you have in building web apps the better.
Location: Worldwide

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