GIVEAWAY OF 15,000 $ (4.1 BTC)110 WINNERS!

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Hello guys

A new unique crypto cashback service starts a free giveaway of 4.1 BTC ($ 15,000). The winner will be selected randomly in the stream today via at 21:00 pm (New Yourk time). On the main page of the site will be a page on stream.  This is an absolutely free giveaway and you don�t need to make deposit of your own money. Using this code, you can also get cashback up to 10% for your transaction. Cashback works only on the first transaction!

Tonight 100 people will receive $ 100 and 10 people will receive $ 500 on their wallets

What do I need to do?

1) You need follow this link
2) On the main page of the site click on the button "get profit" (or scroll to the bottom of the site) and enter this code: giveaway  , then click to "Add extension"
3) After entering the code you need to add a plugin.

You need to use this link and code, or it will not work

After adding a plugin, you need to activate and identify your wallet as unique, the system should check whether you participated in this lottery before

To activate the bonus, you can use the wallet on one of these sites: Blockchain, Myetherwallet, Binance, Coinbase, Localbitcoins, Exmo, Hitbtc, Huobi, Coinpayments

How to activate blockchain,Myetherwallet wallet?

– Just open your blockchain.Myether wallet page with a plugin, and a green button should appear in the upper right corner: "Activate account". If you do not see the green button, try refreshing the page.

How to activate Binance, Coinbase, Localbitcoins, Exmo, Hitbtc, Huobi, Coinpayments?

For a CoinBase, you need click on the "Account" page with your balance. For finance, click on the balance of your cryptocurrency and there you can see the green button for activation only if your account complies with the rules. For other sites, you need to open a page with your balance, and there will be a green button for activation, but only if your account complies with the rules.

Most important! Why I can't see a green button? Rules for activating accounts:

1) Your account must have activity and transactions
2) Your account should not be new
In order to protect against the abusing of this bonus, the system will not be able to identify a new account or account without activity or transactions. This is done to protect the use of this bonus several times. That's why the system does not work with new accounts, or accounts without activity.

What do I get after activation?

– The system will automatically generate the ticket number for your account, the winning numbers will be selected on the stream through

It's safe?

Yes, of course, this plugin is in Google WebStore, all plugins are checked by Google moderators before adding. The plugin can not contain any viruses because this plugin works with Google code and is located in Google web store. But you can also check the code of this plugin through any antivirus or website, for example, virustotal. The code of this plugin is absolutely clean and safe. This plugin also has active advertising in Google.


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