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We developed a new crypto currency called Gapi Coin and shortened it as GAPI. We want to explain the aims of this system. Our target is to support all business sectors; To provide companies with an easy, practical and secure alternative payment system by monitoring the needs of the time. In addition, with the help of our Blockchain explorer crypto money for all the people of the world to provide both investment and crypto money in everyday life to enable the payment process. This system will be visible and transparent by everyone without distinction. All transactions in the system can be viewed and viewed by everyone on the display of each GAPI Coin, block explorer that is sent to and sent to the system. In this way, daily, monthly and annual transactions / approvals will be monitored and the institutions and organizations / companies or user transactions to be sent will be displayed.

Wy Gapi Coin?
GAPI Coin is one of the newest projects on cryptocracy. As the cryptocurrency, GAPI aims to be an alternative to the banking sector in many sectors (Tourism, Energy, Technology, Communication), mainly in the construction sector. You can safely transfer any kind of money without the need for high transaction fees. In the globalizing world, the change and development needs of humanity are observed and the company continues to be the leader in the business world.
GAPİ Coin is a protocol based on intelligent contracts and blockchain technology, providing greater transparency and reliability in lending and lending. The protocol provides the link between senders and domains anywhere in the world, regardless of currency. By reducing traditional banking brokerage costs and management fees, GAPI aims to provide better conditions for both parties and to create a better payment alternative than anything else available today. Without the inclusion of a broker alternative (Cosigner), the GAPI aims to neutralize the risk that the transferor will disrupt the payment, and provides an alternative mechanism for managing debt collection in the country of the borrower in the case of a debtor.

Investment to Gapcoin
You can also purchase the GAPI digital money for an investment purpose other than the payment alternative, as 40% of all payments made in the Business World will be annually burnt to avoid returning to the market. You will be able to follow this on live screen. In addition, 60% of the revenues from this project will be spent in order to operate in these projects and business sectors, and an increase of 30% will be made to the improvement of staff and the efficiency of the project. Gapi Coin distributes 10% of the remaining amount to reduce the advertising costs and offers bonuses to the users during the pre-demand collection and subsequent announcements. For this reason, the funds will be purchased from the GAPI and the supplier, which has 520,000,000 pieces every day, will be reduced and at the same time the investor who owns it will make a profit.

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