Gami Studio Airdrop (5$ + 0.25$)

Today I will show and tell you about the project GAMI

Right away, let’s go over the numbers: We need to download the application, and there every day we can loot $0.25 every 24 hours.
The snapshot was on March 30th and should still be on April 9th.

GAMI is a blockchain-based game studio that uses AR, VR and NFT technologies to give gamers an unparalleled gaming experience and rewarding fun. This new game world begins with two epic games.

Project listed on CMC >> Gami Studio >> The token is traded on Pancake and Bitmart

Let’s get down to business:

Download the ANDROID app (there may be one on Apple, but I couldn’t find it).
Insert my code (thank) uzl900gojSWfmflpff40Ffb0gVT2

After logging into the application you will start a splash screen. Press SKIP

Press SIGN UP, enter the refcode

And log in through your GOOGLE account. Next, we are prompted to select our age. Provide any

Press I AGREE and go to the mining section

In the mining section, just click the big START button.

Claim every day.

Project website Gami Studio