Fusotao 2nd Incentive Testnet + Airdrop + Bounty

On April 27, there will be an IDO of the project on the SmartPad Lunchpad. Price per token 1.5$

1. All users participating in this Airdrop will be rewarded with $TAO

💰Total Rewards: 20,500 $TAO

>> Complete 7 tasks listed in the gleam <<

2. Trading Contest (WETH/USDT)

In 2nd testnet, added USDT and WETH to the faucet, in order to motivate users to trade on FXDX, we have specially launched a trading contest (WETH/USDT). Users with top 1000 trading volume will be rewarded with $TAO.

💰Total Rewards: 50,000 $TAO, details 👇

How to participate👇

1️⃣ Go to https://testnet.fxdx.finance

2️⃣ Connect the Polkadot wallet to FXDX

Create a Polkadot wallet, Select the network “Allow use on any chain”

Make sure your polkadot address begins with “5”

3️⃣ Get test tokens from the faucet

4️⃣ Authorize token to FXDX

5️⃣ Trade WETH/USDT pair

Please refer to the User Guide of Fusotao Protocol Testnet for a step-by-step user guide. Here is a Video Tutorial.


  • Each wallet address can only get test tokens once with the amount of 300 USDT, 0.1 WETH, and 200 TAO. The token will be distributed to your wallet in minutes.
  • Each IP corresponds to only one account address. If multiple addresses exist for one IP, only the account that has received the most rewards will be rewarded.
  • Trading rewards will be canceled if test tokens in one address were transferred from multiple addresses.

3. Bug&Suggestion Bounty

This method of public testing aims to motivate users to provide high-quality feedback. It provides us the opportunity to receive and listen to feedback about the product from our community. And consequently, give the team and its developers data-driven insights on how they can further develop Fusotao Protocol as the crypto trading’s go-to platform in the NEAR ecosystem for order-book based matching systems.

💰 Prize Pool: 100 $TAO per bug and 100 $TAO per accepted suggestion

How to participate👇

Post any bugs you find or suggestions on the #2nd_bug_submit and #2nd_suggestions_submit channel on Fusotao Official Discord with the following information:

1️⃣ Your Polkadot address to receive rewards. Create a Polkadot wallet

2️⃣ The description of the issue

3️⃣ Expected behavior and actual behavior

4️⃣ Screenshots

5️⃣ Fusotao team will inform you if the bug reported is adopted on the discord channel above

📌 Rules:

  1. When multiple users submit the same bug, only the user who submits the bug first will be rewarded for reporting the bug;
  2. The same user can submit multiple bugs, and the reward is calculated based on the number of bugs adopted.

🚨 Notifications:

  • During the test period, each wallet address can only collect 100 USDT, 0.03 WETH and 200 TAO only once every 24 hours
  • All rewards will be distributed to the user’s reserved Polkadot account addresses after Fusotao mainnet is launched
  • Each IP corresponds to only one account address. If multiple addresses exist for one IP, only the account that has received the most rewards will be rewarded
  • Fusotao team reserves the right to explain the terms of the event.