Full Stack Developer intern.

Salary expectation: Token Equity

_Front End/ Back End can Apply.
What We expect from you:

  • Should have the willingness to learn, develop and improve skills.

  • Should be ready and determined to partake in any challenge.

_ For Front End, _

-should have notable skills in Html5/CSS3 and Javascript.

  • Should be familiar with CSS frameworks(foundation and bootstrap) and Javascript frameworks(Angular, Ember, React).

  • Should be familiar with CSS preprocessors, such as LESS and SASS.

  • Should be able to design a responsive website which can work on any device.

  • UI/UX designer skills is a bonus.

For Back End,

  • should be able to Integrate user-facing elements developed by a front-end developer with server side logic.

  • should be able to Build reusable code and libraries for future use.

  • Optimization of the website/application for maximum speed and scalability.

  • Implementation of security and data protection.

  • Should have skills set in PHP and SQL.

  • Python and Java Is a Bonus.

  • Should be able to Integrate Payments Merchants and APIs.

  • Design and implementation of data storage solutions.

  • Managing Data.

  • Should be Proficient in understanding and using resources from Github.

What you will Gain:

  • A chance to work with open minded individuals.

  • Access to creative ideas and tools.

  • Gaining Experience in Front-End , Back-End and team work.

  • Token equity.

  • A chance to be retained Full time.

  • Flexible working Hours.

Location: Remote,
Company: Ventmode, https://ventmode.io

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