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Welcome to the official Bitcointalk thread of Freecoins24

About us:

Here on you will find the best selection of quality and free crypto airdrops. We do all the hard job for you and select the legit and quality airdrops, bounties and giveaways for you. Just join Freecoins24 and never miss the best airdrops again. All airdrops are rated by us for more informations please visit our FAQ. We are happy to help to earn your own free cryptocurrency, let's find the financial freedom together.

What is an airdrop?

It�s an easy way to earn free token by upcoming ICO�s. Many ICO�s run airdrops to increase their awareness and build a big community. If you perform an airdrop you will get the coins to your wallet when the event is over. Another kind of airdrops is a fork. For example Bitcoin Cash is a fork of Bitcoin. This means at a specific time they do a snapshot of the Bitcoin blockchain and than they get the same amount of Bitcoin Cash like you hold Bitcoins. Please follow our step-by-step FAQ to learn how to join airdrops.

How to join?

It�s easy! Just follow our step-by-step guides to earn your free cryptocurrency. You will need some different social media accounts like Twitter, Telegram, Facebook, Instagram and more, we are recommend not use your main accounts and main email to join the airdrops.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us via Telegram or [email protected].

Enjoy and have fun, thanks for joining Freecoins24!
Stay safe!

Never ever share your private key with anyone or spend money to get free tokens!





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