Forex/Crypto/Investing/Trading Writer Required for Courses Content

We are a news focused finance website, specifically surrounding investing. Now, we are looking to expand our landing pages, comparison services, industry knowledge and 'courses' content, quickly.

I need a writer who is English, Australian, Canadian or American, can research and write without plagiarising content. I do not want a writer who's mindset is focused on SEO, articles, copy, content or anything else that insinuates it is not important – it's writing, and vital that is of a high quality.

The content is in the online investment industry, specifically; investing, forex, bonds, cryptocurrency, stocks/shares, commodities, and online trading, buying/selling in general.

We are in need of landing pages, course content, brand reviews, features and news.

I need for our content to be:
– Clear, concise and short – no garbage. We do not write content just to up the word count.
– Able to cover every single possible answer to questions floating in a users mind when learning about the topic. For example, a page on "Why Does the Price of Gold Keep Going Up?" would include "From a technical analysis standpoint… however, finite commodities often…" and then anything else they need to know; requirements, ages, laws, whats, whys, how to do it, where and when, etc…
– Following our brief, and guidelines.

My writer should…
– Be English, Australian, Candadian or American, though it is not vital as long as you can write in English – properly!
– Have writing experience in the field of finance, currencies and trading.
– Be able to communicate with me via telephone. And where applicable instant messenger such as Skype – in a timely fashion.
– Be able to provide me with examples of their previous investing content.

Please contact Mike to discuss the job in detail, and run over a full example brief.

Thank you
Location: Worldwide

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