“A writer with trading experience (Forex trading) needed for articles on trading and investing. I need a financial writer, who is familiar with trading, stocks, bonds, and forex. I have plenty of websites to publish content regularly, so If you're good at what you do – we will continue to cooperate. Requirements for the author: – You are expected to be comfortable with additional research on the topic and interested in the potential longer-term writing assignment; – The article must be engaging, 90%+ original via 1text.com; – Practical trading experience is a BIG + – Advanced / Native English speaker. Please, provide examples of your previous articles. The requirements to the article It should contain 800-1000 words (for each of the 5 sections there are about 100-130 words + introduction and conclusion). Try to use specific and, first of all, important and interesting data and figures, supporting them with theoretical information. The topic of the article Forex Trading Basis Concepts: Watch, Learn, Earn To some sections, you must attach screenshots (where it will be appropriate). The content of the article Yield and Return concept on Forex Market; Different Trading Strategies: what is the best; Range trading – a concept that every trader should learn; Leverage at varying degrees: underwater rocks; Interest rates: a cornerstone for a trader. Waiting for the patient financial writer to get in touch! Location: Ukraine, Company: Crypto,

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