Facebook Ads Ninja!

Hey there I'm looking for a facebook ads expert for my already converting tinder service offer. We have a 7-10% conversion rate on cold traffic using a presell page with an average 4-6% CTR on my ads. The issue is my ads are unstable first day 8x ROAS almost 90% conversion rate on order form (Perfect audience) next day .4 then the day after 1.2 then back down too .2 it's been massive up and down and inconsistent. I don't believe I found a consistent winning audience because simply I have not tested enough. And secondly my scale approach hasn't gone well any time I increase budget it flops.

I want any marketer I work with to follow this strategy:  https://sumo.com/stories/ecommerce-facebook-ads#5

These guys literally tested 828 ad sets I had no idea that's what it takes sometimes to find winning audiences additonally I want to follow there scaling technique by duplicating ad set and increasing budget.

This is what I need help with:

1. Massive Testing
2. High ROAS Retargeting (I've never been good at that) All my sales is cold traffic retargeting usually flops for me for whatever reason
3. Effective scaling only with adsets offering 2x or more

I'll only be paying hourly for this project. Every time I've offered full price for the project beforehand the person puts in barely any work.
Secondly if we get to 3x roas I'll start offering 10% of the net so you can make money as we scale besides hourly.
Thirdly screensharing me your past campaigns for yourself or clients is required to prove you know your stuff (I don't need to know offer strictly campaign results therefore no need to say I'm under NDA) anyone using the NDA excuse please don't apply

Bonus: If you've done affiliate marketing in the past for nutra, crypto, etc please let me know. I've seen people with the best skills come from that space because there own budget is on the line.

Let me know thanks.
Location: Worldwide

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