Experienced Crypto Margin Trader

We are hiring an experienced crypto margin trader for our algorithmic trading division.

Trading is on the FTX platform.

Please demonstrate in your application your specific accomplishments and skills in crypto margin trading.

Hired trader is paid salary plus percentage of profits.

About Ecommerce ROI:

Ecommerce ROI Mission: Transform, inspire and optimize lives.

We are impact driven to our core. We build, maintain and promote a culture of excellence and professional and personal growth.

Ecommerce ROI is leveraging (and accelerating) the paradigm shift from push technology (where you have to go out and find your customers) to pull technology (where your customers find you) via the integration of AI, content, streaming and Ecommerce. Most essentially, It is moving to signal from noise.

The use of affective Ecommerce in relationship to the Internet of Things (IOT) is the future of Ecommerce – and already much more developed than most people realize. You may have heard that Amazon is putting voice commands via Alexa into countless devices. These devices will be connected to the IOT and track your use of products in the home ("smart home") and your emotions to seek to maximize sales.

The future of Ecommerce moves beyond transactions to grow with the customer's passions continually in real-time. Thus, Ecommerce ROI uses AI to develop industry-leading algorithms to optimize personalized content and ecommerce to aid discovery of one's own personal interests, goals and skills.

At Ecommerce ROI, we wrap around your passions like water wraps around the body. We bond with the customer on a self-discovery and self-actualization journey.

We grow with customers as they continually become their better selves.

We assist customers in taking care of their "stuff" so that they can take care of their lives.
Location: Worldwide

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