Experienced Affiliate manager

A niche that has been growing at great speed for years … that will soon affect all industries. Cryptocurrencies and cryptographic assets. Along with dynamic development, we have a lot of "scam" that appears benefiting from not yet fully aware users, ultimately hurting the entire industry. I came to the conclusion that I want to change it and employ and train dozens of coaches based on my 7 years of experience on the basis of million $ crypto AUM, who will bring order to the mind of all those joining the cryptocurrency industry. Starting with simple courses that show the illusion of "trading" and the promise of golden mountains, like 100% earnings in a week on a high leverage that anyone can easily handle. Signals to buy or sell, which are often nothing but gambling, while unaware customers pay big money (their new experience) for worthless materials. Awareness of market manipulation, awareness of fake projects, understanding of the ability to truly multiply capital, which can be pleasant and safe, but certainly not quick and simple, awareness of the direction in which the world is going so as to motivate thousands of young entrepreneurs for economic development, legal awareness, accountant to the future consequences of current activities.
To achieve these high-profile goals, I need to choose a world-class business partners. I want partner to represent our vision and our joint business as an affiliate manager and provide the right affiliates and super affiliate marketers who will provide our materials, experience and coaching services to the right end customer. More, I'm looking for affiliate manager who will not only bring affiliate marketers, but passionates, who see reason and potential to change the entire cryptocurrency segment and blockchain to a more aware and mature . Therefore working on long-term relationships so that business continues to grow over the next year and further.
Location: Worldwide

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