Excel auto orders to multicharts execution brokers Poloniex, IB, Oanda

MultiCharts support a long list of brokers , see links https://www.multicharts.com/features/brokers/

We have a auto excel file autogenerated which is attached below
and design to work with multicharts so that orders are auto sent from this excel file to execution brokers through multicharts ,

see brokers list here see links https://www.multicharts.com/features/brokers/

if you have done this before please apply

any queries please skiiype me timemachineonwallstreet

can also advice if need xlsgate to make job simpler to connect attached excel file orders to multicharts execution broker like IB , Oanda, poloniex for cryptos

Please have a look at attached and advise if we can use xlsgate ( see below links )  to connect orders in attached to autotrade in multicharts ?

appreciate any suggestions .



Location: Worldwide

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