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Hello there, Happy to join the community here.
I have been a first collector of Ethereum, and have strong faith in block-chain technology.

Joining the community with a few projects.  This is a social art experiment in blind faith and the power of blockchain, with a unique spot in Asia.  this is a Western team based in Shanghai China. 

This token represents no real value currently, and is starting at 1� currently per coin.  The token is built from the ERC-20.

This project is opening fresh in China, which has been recently limited and then reopened onto the Crypto scene by the Chinese government.  This crowd-sale of coins will generate LUV coins in your Eth wallet. 

Project proceeds(if any) will be donated to charity (of choice) in Shanghai.

More information to come.  The project is currently up with a I.O. sale @

This is an experimental art project with the block-chain, and a precursor to a larger ICO backed by a art organization. 
More details to come.  Spread the love!  Spread the LUV!  Smiley


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