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Yazom is a health start-up located in the Caribbean Island of Jamaica and has been in operations since 2014. At Yazom, the goal is to provide health-based solutions to consumers and extend offers of care by equipping the medical fraternity with our healthcare services platform. The ZOM architecture is Yazom�s entry into the Blockchain industry and is an extension to our healthcare services platform by including decentralized features. The key benefit is in granting users the autonomy to access and share their health data from any location across the globe. Additionally, a suite of tools will be provided for developers to build healthcare-approved DApps.

Though there are rapid expansion plans for the Caribbean and onwards, Yazom has captured majority share of the Electronic Health Records (EHR) market within its founding country�s major regions (Kingston, Ocho Rios and Montego Bay). These are also primary tourist destinations which translates to easier access to health services for visitors from other countries.

Health based solutions have traditionally been paper-based. Even after the general introduction of computer systems and databases, health related data has been maintained locally in databases unique to each healthcare provider. Treatment of health records is a sensitive subject, as this data invariantly is private in nature.

While the offline record keeping system has worked for a long time, there are a number of disadvantages. The introduction of centralized online record keeping platforms solved issues such as lack of portability and administrative complexity however, it do not solve all problems associated with medical record keeping. In order to solve all these problems associated with offline and online medical record keeping, a proposal to decentralize and democratize healthcare services by leveraging blockchain technology takes priority. Yazom�s new ZOM architecture is a complementary healthcare services platform that will use blockchain technology to offer this decentralized solution, where data is stored in an encrypted form on a blockchain-secured network.

The ZOM system includes a secure online identity solution, leveraging the blockchain's public key infrastructure. Both, consumers and healthcare providers, are identified and authenticated by blockchain-based identity management. Furthermore, proxy-re-encryption is used to allow consumers to delegate temporary access rights to data to healthcare providers. The ZOM platform does not have access to the data itself, providing an additional level of security centralized record keeping systems do not tend to provide. The blockchain also provides an immutable record of transactions, allowing any manipulation of the data to be detected instantly.


ZOM is an Ethereum-based blockchain, secured by an underlying permissioned solution that uses a proof of stake consensus model. The identity of the blockchain nodes are therefore known, allowing the consensus protocol to be optimized. Furthermore, the security of the system is improved, and participation can be limited to providers relevant to the medical sector.


  • Masternodes – The transaction ledger and block generation system of the ZOM blockchain will be maintained by a number of trusted nodes that have been selected called Masternodes. Unlike full nodes, that can still be run by any ZOM holder to store the blockchain�s state and verify the correctness of transactions, masternodes are given the power to produce blocks. The masternodes concept is a compromise between performance, security and decentralization. Consensus is limited to a number executed between a subset of nodes to improve performance. Masternodes are incentivised, paying out ZOM to the operator in return for their service. Masternodes are run via the ZOM node software albeit with some additional input.

  • Medical DApps – The ZOM blockchain uses an account-based model with the ability to execute smart contracts. This way, medical providers are able to implement decentralized applications (DApp) aimed at the medical sector. Medical DApps can be written and run on the ZOM blockchain by third party provider implementing their own applications with their own economic model. They are programmed in Solidity, using standard Ethereum tools. This has the advantage that a large number of existing tools and open source code can be leveraged.

  • High Performance Sidechain Model– The ZOM blockchain is implemented as a sidechain of the public Ethereum blockchain where smart contracts on the Ethereum main network are used to anchor the ZOM chain to the public chain. This allows it to take advantage of the security of the public Ethereum network while maintaining a high-performance platform providing very high transaction throughput and very fast block times, and the ability to optimize the consensus and block generation algorithms to our application-specific requirements, with a permissioned masternode. This sidechain model is an Ethereum scaling technique called Plasma Technology. Plasma chains can be thought of as independent child blockchains that implement their own blockchain model but use the main blockchain for security and as an asset gateway to secondary markets.

  • Proof of Stake – ZOM uses an Ethereum-based PoS blockchain with a highly-efficient consensus algorithm to confirm transactions almost instantly and a very high transaction throughput capacity. A number of approved masternodes act as validators, generating blocks in random order, weighted by the size of their stake.


Transaction Model: Account based/Smart Contracts
Runtime: EVM
Consensus Protocol: Proof of Stake
Permission Model: Permissioned Blockchain with Masternodes
Block Time: 5-7 seconds
Expected Transaction Throughput: 300 – 400 TPS


The ZOM blockchain�s native ZOM cryptocurrency acts as an in-app currency, representing a utility token powering the platform. As such, ZOM is envisioned as a special-purpose cryptocurrency for the medical sector.

The ZOM currency details are as follows:

Name: ZOM
Symbol: ZOM
Initial Token Supply: 50,000,000
Number of Decimals: 18




Yazom began its journey as Potion Owl in 2014 before rebranding in October of 2018. The mission remains the same; prioritizing consumers� health and providing them with the means to access care from anywhere at anytime because �life happens�. Our immediate focus is on addressing the Caribbean with eyes for expansion into Central and South America before the end of 2020.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/yazomit

Telegram https://t.me/joinchat/HKT0YA4c58z6bmsxNLkKrA

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/yazomit/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/yazomit

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