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ELAD Tech Ltd.  is a property management company powered by state-of-the-art technology. We are a professional, diverse team situated in London, looking to disrupt the real estate industry, bringing investment and Peer 2 Peer exchange to one place.

Our team of innovative developers, experienced property professionals and Blockchain enthusiasts have been brought together to build a next generation property  platform.

We believe everyone should have access to affordable homes, but so many don't even know where to start. Our goal is to open access to previously inaccessible markets and give people the opportunity for their money to grow with the market, while cutting out middlemen to produce better profits for our customers. Our secondary market will be decentralised, keeping in line with our values and beliefs to give people full control of their assets.

ELAD Network acquires commercial and residential properties that are ready to rent. Through our online platform the general public can buy shares in ELAD Network�s property portfolio from as little as $50 using our ELAD Token Cryptocurrency which will give them more control over their investments.


ELAD Network is a Real Estate platform with a difference. By taking advantage of the power of fractional ownership any property can be divided into different sized blocks we can provide investment opportunities from �50 to �50,000 up to the value of the property. Anyone has the ability to purchase these blocks but there are only a limited number available for each property, once owned there will be a monthly return on the profit which is directly relational to the size of the block that you have invested in (fractional ownership).

In other words, ELAD Network combines Blockchain, Smart Contract and Artificial Intelligence technology to create a Cryptocurrency and a Real Estate platform that will give everyone access to the liquidity of Real Estate, the world�s largest asset class.

Watch this video for a simple yet complete explanation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BJmvlLDHPXU


PEER TO PEER – You can sell your blocks (shares) through our online auction feature or
directly through Peer 2 Peer exchange with any of our members meaning your returns
on a highly sought property are worth as much as anyone is willing to pay for it!

SAFE & SECURE – Asset ownership is stored immutably and decentralised on the Ethereum Blockchain.
This means that your transactions are transparent and secure.

CONTROL – Your Private key gives full control of your assets and payments on the ELAD Network platform.

PAYMENT – Payment is made by Smart Contract or paid directly into your bank account in FIAT cash.

TRACK – Track your payments and investments through our online platform or mobile app,
get alerts via email on your winning bids or sales from our online digital agent.

DIGITAL AGENT – An Artificial Intelligence agent will provide 24hr support with exceptional customer service,
creating a platform that anyone can use at any time, anywhere in the world!

ELAD Tokens

The ELAD token is built to the ERC20 standard, it is the cryptocurrency used to participate in Real Estate transactions
on the ELAD Network investment platform. ELAD tokens can be obtained during our crowd sale or be exchanged
on a cryptocurrency exchange once the sale is over.

ELAD Network crowd sale is for the early investors that want a cryptocurrency that can grow with it�s use case or
have access to the first Real Estate offerings on the online platform. ELAD tokens use case is property transactions,
any ELAD tokens applied through the online platform gives you the rights to earn equity and returns on real estate.

The purpose of the Initial token sale is to build a online platform and acquire real estate selected
by ELAD Network property specialists, all real estate will be offered to investors through the online platform,
this will increase the value of ELAD tokens as it builds a network of property.


100 million ELAD tokens have been minted on a fixed supply. The reserve and any left over tokens may be stored or
"burnt" after the token sale which may also alter the available supply.

Token Sale starts on the 6th of August on https://CBX.one on which the information can be found here: https://cbxpro.com/elad/


Cryptocurrencey is legal in most jurisdictions but there are a small number nation states that have banned its use such as Ecuador. Wikipedia has a great guide on how Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencys are treated across the globe and explains regulatory policies surrounding them. Regulations vary from one border to the next so you should always research your local laws before participating in the network.

ELAD Tech LTD is UK registered and is legal in this jurisdiction. Please check our Terms and conditions and Privacy policy for more info.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/elad_network

Telegram https://t.me/elad_network

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Elad.Network/

Medium: https://medium.com/@elad_network

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCR7ND1pm3A1TeTYEB4QxWUA

Github: https://github.com/ELADnetwork

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dale-perkins-mccook/

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