“[Primary Responsibilities] – Optimization through Tokenomics design and modeling in Tokamak Network – Governance design and research for TokamakNetwork – Governance Operations, Public PR related to Tokenomics [Preferred Qualifications] – Degree in Business Administration – Quantitative data modeling and analysis – Simple programming – Portfolio, cover letter [Must submit] – 1. What is Token Signorage? Please compare/analyze Ethereum and EOS’s Signorage from the perspective of token distribution. – 2. Please analyze Ethereum’s Gas Price policy from the perspective of shared resources and auction. Why does the gas price soar at a certain point in time? – 3. Describe the role and significance of the Minimum Gas Price (MGP) in Plasma EVM’s Economics paper (https://hackmd.io/s/rJgPxWYTm). – 4. Will operators cheat on Plasma EVM’s Economics paper? If it happens or not, please write down the reason (Hint: data availability) – 5. Resume [How to Apply] – All positions are open until we find perfect matches for the team. -All files must be saved in PDF, but it contains too many documents, please send us a link instead. – Onther will contact each candidate individually. Location: Seoul, South Korea, Company: Onther,

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