Easy Bounty: [100 CDL + 50 ADM Daily] Just Pass the KYC on Exchange & Token Vote

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Part 1:
There's an exchange called 'CoinDeal' (CMC � https://coinmarketcap.com/exchanges/coindeal/ Site � https://coindeal.com/); It holds now an airdrop of its tokens [CDL]. Fewer users will take the part � more CDLs you'll get. Everything you need to do in order to get this airdrop is to pass the KYC with an address proof, which needs not much time till it'll be confirmed by the admins. KYC passing notes you can find on their Twitter (https://twitter.com/CoinDeal_/status/1146087018226692096), the procedure can be done in a very short time. And the official airdrop page with details is �  https://token.coindeal.com/. This is the first way to receive CDLs. You'll get it automatically once the verification's passed.

Note that CDLs have been just recently issued by this exchange and are not yet being traded. Trading pairs are to be opened this month, while there are many media-covers on CDL and the exchange itself from, for example, CoinTelegraph � https://cointelegraph.com/news/crypto-exchange-renews-sponsorship-of-premier-league-team-and-prepares-for-us-expansion.

Part 2:
After the KYC will be passed, the exchange has its voting list for the tokens which are going to be added next � https://coindeal.com/vote, a typical exchange voting. There you'll find the project called ADAMANT Messenger (ADM, CMC �  https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/adamant-messenger/). Vote for this five times daily in order to get the rewards with 10 ADM per one vote, which means up to 50 ADM daily. The official announcement with rules you can find on this project's forum thread, posted by their admins, and judging by community chat, it works fine � https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2626619.msg50826677#msg50826677. On the market, it's a pretty good amount of coins you can get by simply clicking the 'vote' button and sending them screenshots.

After voting, you need to make screenshots every time you vote and send them to [email protected] with your ADM address. This is the bounty management email. You can get the ADM address in ADAMANT Messenger applications, which are:
Web (any browser) � https://nightly.adamant.im/   
iOS (AppStore) � https://apps.apple.com/app/adamant-messenger/id1341473829
Android (GitHub) �  https://github.com/Adamant-im/adamant-android/releases/

There's no registration. You'll generate a new passphrase in one click and better securely store it for future log-ins. You'll find your ADM address in the 'account' tab, along with other crypto-addresses

Or, in order to receive your ADMs, you can directly use the major exchanges trading ADM:
https://bitebtc.com/trade/adm_usd � not recommended at all…
So you can just vote, send screenshots, receive coins and instantly sell them for USDT.

In these two parts, you're about to get two very potentially-capable coins. CDL is an ERC-20 native exchange token, and the ADM is a messenger-utility coin. The value & utility description of latter you can find on this blog article, which might convince you to hold it neither sell, although the decision is fully yours � https://medium.com/@brale/a-short-list-of-adm-coin-utilities-available-use-cases-and-why-the-crypto-market-is-mostly-a5b111213eeb

That's it. I'll be answering all questions in this thread for the next two weeks as well.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/CoinDeal_/status/1146087018226692096

Medium: https://medium.com/@brale/a-short-list-of-adm-coin-utilities-available-use-cases-and-why-the-crypto-market-is-mostly-a5b111213eeb
Github: https://github.com/Adamant-im/adamant-android/releases/

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