Dutch native speaker for SEO Keyword Research Task

We need a comprehensive list of keyword variations (70-90 keywords per coin, 5 coins, so total 450) that express the same search intent as "buy [cryptocurrency] with [payment method]" for the stated market (NL)

We want to target the following cryptocurrencies and payment methods
– Bitcoin
– Ethereum
– Litecoin
– Ripple
– Iota

– credit card
– paypal
– debit card
– skrill
– neteller
– wiretransfer

Please note that wiretransfer also has specific brand names for each market (for example for DE it would be sofort, giropay, eps; for NL it would be iDeal etc.) which should be reflected in the final keyword list.

When doing the research please keep in mind that it is a long-tail keyword that can also appear in shapes like "buy [cryptocurrency] and pay with credit card", "use paypal balance to buy crypto" etc. The overall aim of this is not to identify the keywords with highest search volume, but to identify all potential variations of the long-tail phrase.

Please exclude any long-tail keywords with different search intent, such as "charge your credit card with bitcoin".

Please add difficulty scores and search volumes to the final list as shown in the attached document. Those number would ideally be taken from ahrefs. If that is not available please confirm which tool you are using to get this data.

If you are a Dutch native speaker that understands how keywords and search intent are related, please apply!

The task should take a couple of hours.


Location: Worldwide

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