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A decentralized google. An innovative search protocol that provides provable answers, without an intermediary opinion

Built with the help of Cosmos-SDK / Tendermint / CUDA / Aragon

Product: GitHub | The app |

Community: Telegram | Twitter | Forum |

What is Cyber?

Cyber is an innovative, general-purpose search mechanism for obtaining answers. Its mission is to create a universal search mechanism to: (a) build an open semantic field of the internet with the help of blockchain technology and cyberlinks, and (b) provide more resistance to web services through decentralization of its infrastructure.

Cyber solves the problem of opening up the centralised semantics field of the internet. It does so by shaping an open and accessible semantics field, created (and managed) by the users. This allows to design a trustless, provable and incentivized method of communication between users who provide content and those searching for it. Effectively removing censorship, blackbox intermediary opinions and opening the possibility for a provable, incentivized and a fairer method for anyone to build and use online tools that are built around semantics.

Bounty announcement

There are 2 types of bounty Cyber is offering. None of them requires KYC/AML/Captchas or any other bingo BS. As part of its initial distribution, Cyber has gifted 10% of its mainnet supply to several communities. This is done to (a) achieve a better initial distribution, (b) attract initial believers to the protocol and the Game of Links.

The other bounty is offered via our evangelist program (ambassador program). It has 2 types of rewards. Referral rewards paid out in liquid ATOM tokens. Rewards in our mainnet token, CYB, paid out for certain actions, like online content, specific translations, events, etc. To be eligible to receive rewards via this program, applicants need to apply and to be manually approved (the application happens via Metamask, no KYC, etc is required).

Gift detail:

We want to give the ability to evaluate Cyber to as many people as possible, without adding complexity such as KYC and/or captcha:

  • 8% of CYB tokens in Genesis to the Ethereum community
  • 1% of CYB tokens to the Cosmos community
  • 1% of CYB tokens to the Urbit community

To check the balance and/or to claim your gift:

Go to cyber.page and enter your ETH or ATOM address in the search bar. This will result in a EUL (testnet token) balance if you met the requirements for the gift. EUL tokens will be converted to CYB after the launch of the mainnet. You may also connect your Ledger device to cyber.page to check out your ATOM gift balance. Simply connect your Ledger and follow the steps. If your gift comes from ATOM balance, then this is all you need to do to claim it. Just connect your Ledger device.

If your gift comes from ETH and/or Urbit, then follow the below instructions. To claim your gift, please follow this guide.

Learn more about the drop in our Gift FAQ.

Ambassador program:

We have kicked off our evangelist program! The program has 2 types of rewards for the program: liquid ATOM rewards and CYB tokens.

Links you will need:

There are NO guidelines or rules for the program itself. Do what you believe will work. However, 2 requirements are necessary to receive rewards:

  • You must become an acknowledged Evangelist to receive a reward in ATOM or/and CYB. We want to exclude scam behaviour and situations when the project has been evangelised by people without a thorough understanding of the project
  • You must have proof that a particular donation came thanks to your amazing evangelism. An address or a nickname in the memo field of the donated transaction is proof that no one can reject. Achieve this with your special link

Before you apply, we suggest to check out the path of the evangelist and what you should know. Details here.

Prerequisites or what you will need before you start (2-20 minutes):

  • Install Metamask
  • Create a new ETH wallet, save the keys
  • Charge the wallet with some ETH. You will need a small transaction fee when you create the transaction. The fee goes to the balance of cyber~Foundation, the DAO that will govern Cyber.
  • Get a GitHub account and a Keybase account
  • You will need an ATOM wallet to receive donation rewards (the 10% from each donation you bring)
  • Create a Cyber address for CYB rewards. The easiest way to do this is to connect your Ledger device to cyber.page. Learn how-to

Apply to be an evangelist (1-3 minutes):

  • Go to cyber.page/evangelism and click `Believe` at the bottom of the page
  • Make sure your Metamask extension is turned on. Prepare your Cyber & Cosmos addresses, your GitHub and Keybase nicks and the nickname by which you will be recognised
  • After you click `Believe` you will be prompted with 5 similar boxes, asking to input the above. After each input, click `confirm`
  • A message, prompting you to create the transaction will appear. Click `Create tx`
  • This will open your Metamask extension. Follow the instructions, sign the tx. That's it!

You don't have to wait till we bless you (approve you). You can start using your referral link straight away, however, if you do something wrong and you get kicked out of the program, you will miss out. It is suggested, to wait for the blessing.

Please note, that payouts in CYB will only be done if the results are cyberlinked and content proof exists. Learn how-to. (this goes for ALL types of CYB rewards)

We are not defining quality terms. Most likely, you will still receive a reward for shitty content if the task was done, but expect to be disqualified from the program, or instructed, depending on your will to learn.

CYB rewards:

1) Translations of the WP: 20 GCYB*. Any language is a fair game!
2) Meetups (less relevant with covid around): 20 GCYB. One person – one meetup. Video proof required!
3) Community creation: 2 GCYB. One person – one channel. Discussion proof required!
4) Content creation: 2 GCYB. Video, podcast or blog. Unlimited per person
5) Donations. 1 GCYB bonus for each 1k ATOM donated

* One giga CYB is 1 with 9 zeroes = 1,000,000,000 CYB

Note: only cyberlinked content will be eligible for CYB rewards! CYB rewards are paid out manually. Please ask questions and see our guides, before you begin anything!

Donation Referal rewards and using your link:

Similar to WIki or Tor, Cyber accepts donations. In exchange, donors receive or mainnet token, CYB. Currently, the takeoff round (our name for the donation program) is undergoing slight changes, which will see donors receive more CYB for the same amount of donated ATOM.

During the takeoff round, Cyber is looking to attract 300,000 ATOM donated. For each transaction, via your referral link (or that has your registered nick in the memo) you will be eligible for 10% of the sum. The 10% is NOT deducted from the donation, but from cyber\~Congress.

After you register you can start using your link. All that you have to do is just add `?thanks=yournick` (drop the ` symbols) to any part of the URL of cyber.page!

What do we mean?

The idea is to use your link and give it to people. When they enter the app using this link, your nick gets written down in the database and if the user donated to the takeoff, after using your link to enter cyber.page you get the 10% (rewards will be paid out gradually). Let's take a look at an example. Any of the following are good to use:


Just substitute yournick with the nick you used when you registered i.e:


It is also possible to ask users to add a memo field to their donation transaction. When users donate to the takeoff, they have two options, using their Ledger or creating a custom transaction. If they use their Ledger and entered the app via your link, all is good. You will receive the reward. If they are using a custom transaction to send ATOM from any external wallet, you need to ask them to add yournick to the memo field!

I will not go into detail on how to make transactions with Cosmos. But, do check this post on how to donate to cyber to get a better understanding of what I am talking about.

Questions regarding the campaign should be asked here

Twitter: https://twitter.com/cyber_devs

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RS6w6wiAag4&list=PLOcP3DXQoNUXmh7ob0Fm6p12L20zn0zbT&index=6

Github: https://github.com/cybercongress/congress/blob/master/ecosystem/ELI-5%20FAQ.md

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