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Virtual Arts Intensified Based on the #BSChain � DigiArt is a Digital platform where Collectibles and fresh artworks from across the globe will be minted for Auctioning. Supporting Virtual art and their artists is something we are very passionate about, and being able to showcase the incredible works of artists from around the globe is one of the best things we intend doing.

Like real-world artworks, they are unique by design � unforgettable, naturally scarce, yet easily tradable and transferable decentralized Trade directly and leverage confidently with any user on the platform through automated smart contracts hosted on the public and proven BSC environment.

Community Governance Platform stakeholders will be able to submit proposals, vote on initiatives, and moderate the platform to ensure alignment with evolving needs of the community.
Stay tuned for our Airdrops and many giveaways for being active in our community and also for being a Creator of Intellectualism

TOKEN NAME:      DigiArt
TOTAL SUPPLY:       5,000,000,000
DECIMALS:      9
SMART CONTRACT:   0x1027bC9c0d6519638910c35e82b9582F6D7b70Fb

You are allowed to interact once with the contract address. To claim 8,000 worth of DART token, send 0 BNB to

TO BUY, Send BNB to Smart contract: 0x1027bC9c0d6519638910c35e82b9582F6D7b70Fb

1BNB = 2,000,000
0.1 BNB = 200,000
0.01 BNB = 20,000 (Minimum)

AIRDROP: first 100 Fastest Fingers gets 50,000 DART each! Stay Tuned on our social platforms for updates

Virtual Arts Creation Contest
Virtual Arts Intensified: can your art work hit the front page of our web platform for Auctioning? We welcome creators and lovers of Arts works around the globe to showcase the intellectualism in the virtual world. Emerged winners will share in the 20,000,000 DART pool. More details will be announced on our social medias. Terms and conditions apply.

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