Developer needed for Blockchain Apps Development

Hello, This is a detailed plan of what we are looking for pasted below. Can you please provide us with a estimate and timeline for how long you think it would take to complete?

What we are looking to do:
Android and iOS Mobile Cold Storage using the Wristband (NFC – NTAG216) and a BioCrypt mobile app.

We need someone to design and build an android and iOS based mobile app that can be published to the Google Play Store and Apple Store (I already have the accounts for both).

The app needs to essentially be a mobile crypto wallet. Ideally, we would like it to hold just ETH and ERC20 Tokens. This also needs to have the ability to read and write from an NFC Chip (We are using the NXP NTAG216 chip in our wristbands). The data written and read should be encrypted and only decrypted by the app once logged in.

How app should function:
User opens app (splash screen displayed with BioCrypt logo and 2 buttons: “New User” and “Current User”)

If “New User” is selected the app then prompts the user to scan their chip at which time it will write their private key to the chip. (This should be encrypted, ideally 256-bit AES) Also then given (Displayed) a backup seed they need to write down or store safely elsewhere.

If “Current user” is selected, the main app is displayed and has buttons for different functions of the application and platform (For now there will only be a “Crypto Wallet” button.)
User clicks wallet button and is prompted for fingerprint, if user successfully scans fingerprint, prompt for Chip scan (Here the user will scan their Chip and the app needs to decrypt it to login)

User successfully does both of the above user is now inside their wallet which displays balances.

If user clicks on one of their tokens with a balance, they are taken to the options of “Send” and “Receive”.

If the user clicks send, they are again prompted for a Chip scan at which point if successful they can send their tokens.
If the user clicks receive, they are displayed their wallet address.
NOTE: Whenever a user is prompted to scan their Chip, the phone should enter Airplane mode momentarily to prevent anyone from being able to capture the private key when it is scanned.

Also willing to hear your advice to make it better or a little more friendly. We will be looking to add onto this in the near future so if we are given a decent deal and satisfied we will gladly hire you again to add other currencies as we continue to grow.
Location: Worldwide

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