Design/Build super fast website, that allows 2 users to watch a video at same time.

Build a super fast loading website

With back and and database

I would like to be able to have users submit a testimonial video and have a flagging mechanism so when people hit the like button that video shows to new visitors aNd when people hit the flag button it informs me and I’m able to remove those videos quickly

Website will be very very simple
Will have an intro video and text and place to enter email and/or phone number and/or country (starting with US, Canada, and most commonly mobile used countries).

Would also like to be able to connect a chat widget that’s connected to chatbot and as people ask questions I answer them and the system learns the answers so when the same question is asked then the previous answer to that question is automatically answered.

Website should be able to be connected to MixPanel where we can track visitors and return visitors.

Lastly, would like the site to have a “share” mechanism where visitors can click share and they can share their video or the site through all the different social channels.

We will also be looking to do more work on this site in the future and be able to connect it to people having the ability to make a payment for $1-2 using all different countries currencies and crypto currency.

As well as in the future we would look for you to also add a link that will take visitors to a store where they can order merchandise through an auto ship TShirt maker

This site should have a back end that I will be able to log on to to check on things look at data/phone numbers/emails submitted.

Please only submit if you are very experienced and know how to build this fast and super high-quality, the important part is that this website will load up very fast, people will be able to watch the intro video, and submit their phone number/email,  and share through social channels, the objective is that we will drive traffic to the website and it will go viral through people sharing it and it Has to be very scalable

This job was posted from a mobile device, so please pardon any typos or any missing details.
Location: Worldwide

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