“Three Arrows Capital is a cryptocurrency focused hedge fund based in Singapore. We run a number of highly profitable quantitative strategies delivering superior risk-adjusted returns and achieving max capital efficiency. We are currently in an effort to rapidly increase our DeFi capabilities and are looking for a Singapore based developer to primarily focus on building out the in-house tech stack for DeFi. Responsibilities • Implement connectors into existing DeFi protocols to enable in-house algorithmic trading • Lead the research into enabling in-house algorithmic trading on newly launched / about to launch DeFi protocols • Work with traders and developers to plan and design mechanisms for expanding the existing infrastructure to capture lucrative opportunities in the DeFi space • Build and maintain real-time monitoring tools for both in-house trading activity and public blockchain data • High to complete degree of ownership of the tech stack interfacing with blockchain and DeFi Requirements • Deep technical understanding of DeFi protocols and best DevOps practices while interfacing with DeFi protocols • High level understanding of Ethereum and smart contracts. Understanding of other L1 blockchains is a plus • Experience developing applications interfacing with Ethereum smart contracts. Solidity experience is a plus, but not required • Strong CS fundamentals (OOP, data structures and algorithms, networking, databases) • Javascript knowledge is required • Knowledge of one of these: Python, Golang, C++, Java • Experience in algorithmic trading is a plus Please share github profiles and details of previous projects worked on (both commercial and personal). Permanent full-time role based in Singapore from 8am to 6pm Location: Singapore, Company: Three Arrows Capital,

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