DAPPT Pre-Listing Airdrop | A 25,000,000 DAPPT Giveaway

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          To celebrate the great success of the sale of DAPPT, we are distributing  25,000,000 DAPPT in the  amount of  US $ 100,000  in the

next 15 days  (until June 13, 2019 – 23:59 EST)  before  the DAPPT exchange listing  . The DAPPT reward will be sent to your ETH wallet 3

days after the launch of the airdrop.
Instructions :

1-Go to the  airdrop page : https://www.dapp.com/airdropentry/FMKCSWGF0L9E

2-Join  the Telegram group  and paste the code (+60 DAPPT)

3-Click the button to see your ranking on the left to earn more chips

4-Follow them on  Twitter  and retweet a tweet and mark 3 friends (+60 DAPPT)

5-Enjoy the  Facebook page  and share a post and mark 3 friends (+60 DAPPT)

6-Tell your friends to win more chips

NOTE: The DAPPT reward will be sent to your ETH wallet 3 days after the launch of the airdrop.
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