“Ramp is a venture-backed startup addressing the pain point of millions of current and future blockchain users – getting into crypto. We leverage the power of existing banking systems to provide a seamless experience for crypto onboarding, focusing on UX, speed, and security. Ramp is a way for people to easily get onboarded to dApps and crypto applications. We believe in a future where everyone can exchange value as easily and efficiently as using the Internet, and we are making this future happen. We are building a superstar team who will take care of one of the most important aspects of our product – customer support. You will be responsible for maintaining the excellence, trust, and reputation of the Customer Support we have built throughout the years. Your daily work will consist of tasks like: – Providing the best customer experience and establishing a strong relationship and trust with our users – Putting a smile on our users' faces by providing them with exceptional customer care – Responding to user queries via live chat in a swift and pragmatic way – Stepping into the users' shoes, identifying their needs, and help them use our product – Reporting product malfunctions to the product team and proposing product improvements by creating a frequently asked questions database – Monitoring our social media (Discord, Twitter) and reaching out to provide assistance – Following up with users to ensure their technical issues are resolved – Gathering user feedback and sharing it with the team to ensure the excellence of our service. You'd be our ideal candidate if: – you are a native (or near-native/proficient) English speaker – you are familiar with various blockchains and ideally with fintech and payment industries – you have excellent communication skills and a user-friendly attitude 😇 – you are an efficient problem-solver and a multitasker – you are patient when handling tough cases – you are ready to work in shifts. Bonus points for you if you are: – experienced in Customer Support Agent or a similar role, – somehow familiar with information technology or basic programming, – proficient in French, Spanish, German, Russian language; – willing to work different shifts. Location: Remote, Company: Ramp Network,

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