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Creating a community together

White Paper

Email- [email protected]
   CryptoFun is a community driven  token and wants to bring something more than just a token. We want to bring real world application to the token other than just holding it to gain profit. We know making money with crypto is a big part but we want to creat a community of holders that live and breath with this coin. Createing a community makes the coin even more valuable because it will market it self by the people. People will know the creators of the coin and know what they are working on with it. We plan to create social media profils and we will want feedback from the buyers what we think we should add and fix. People with the best ideas will be rewarded with extra CryptoFun.
   2. Desktop wallet and mobile wallet
         A. Realese a Windows, Mac OS and linux wallet
         B. Realease a IOS and Android wallet
   3. Launch mining and staking feauture to wallet
      5.  Create a unique banking system that offers debit card and savings account, you will also get a 10 percent yearly return on all coins kept in the savings account.
   6.  Create a online gambling site and video games to use for cryptofun
      Online casino games
      A. Dice
      B. Poker/card games
      C. Sports bettting
      D. Crypto price betting
      Video games
      A. We want to create unique video games for pc/ console that offer our token for in game micro transactions.
   7.  Create online store were you can purcahse collectibles and other items
      A. We want to include the best brand of merch that is conected to the token.
         1. Shoes
         2. Cloathing wear
         3. Hats
         4. Watches.
         5. Much more
We are giving lots of free coins as a we to promote the coin, we have decided not to take part in icos and just release the coin because we are in very early development. Our main goal right now is to get listed and get on wallets and grow the community. We want to bring a real world use to the coin. Expect a slow but steady growth from this coin. These are just some of the ideas we want to bring to the table. Our website is currently in development that is why I did not post it yet. There is a lot still needs to be done before it is released.

If you want some cryptofun tokens I will send 10,000 to who ever posts there waves wallet here and joins the discord.


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