Creative talent needed to help me produce a daily youtube screen cast on YouTube and omnichannel allows trading fiat to crypto and crypto to crypto easily,  transparently and securely with little to no counter-party risk and a known-in-advance price.

As part of our business activity, I would like to create a daily YouTube screen cast to provide value to the community and help them maximise their holdings.

I would like to do it omnichannel and live (FB live, LinkedIn live, IGTV, twitch and others).

I would need help with:

Creative work"
1. setup
2. content ideas / writing a script
3. feedback / directing

Administrative work:
1. moderating comments
2. reaching out for relevant channels for co-promotion and partnerships

For the technical stuff regarding the video, we have a very talented creative professional (designer), so this job post is for content curation / production and post-production content management only.
Location: Worldwide

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