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I need a text video of me talking through this content below. I will provide the audio or you can talk thru the audio and just have the words on screen while they are said. A narrative through the story to explain a product:

Video Transcript

As a cryptocurrency trader, you’ve probably heard that an estimated 90% or more of traders fail to generate consistent long term profits.

I thought I was part of the remaining 4%.

To my satisfaction, I found that I could develop strategies to pay me handsomely day after day, week after week. This story played out for some time.

Then without any notice my strategies seemed to turn against me. Instead of consistently winning my trades I would regularly have losses.

I always thought I could win it back on the next trade, but this kind of mindset led to my losing just about everything.

But I was convinced that I could resolve my trading pattern.

During my trading experience, I started to recognize unhealthy patterns in my life. I lost sleep and relationships. I spent too much time checking trades and not enough time with my family.

Before I comprehended what was happening, things started to spiral out of control and I realized I needed to change something.

This may be like your experience, or it could be much different. Maybe you have figured out a way to handle these issues, however, I reached a point where I wanted to play it smarter–more intentional–so that I could take back control of my life.

I didn't want to be checking my phone constantly. I didn't want to base my worth on whether or not my trades were successful.

I couldn’t allow myself to place important relationships on hold to chase after my shot at glory. I needed to experience life fully.

It was at this time that I began thinking that there must be a better way.

I started researching more. I learned that great minds have offered alternatives to these stresses of trading.

I was surprised to find that simple investing strategies like index funds could mitigate my issues.

[index research]

The basic idea of an index fund is not to *beat* the market, but to *be* the market. In other words, to “make friends” with the market. When you participate in an index your investment portfolio is comprised of a piece of each company listed in the index.

This is a really simple idea, but it transformed my trading approach.

The idea of accepting an average return over a highly specialized strategy to beat the market sounded a bit foolish to me. Why would I accept an average return?

After analyzing a five year period of index fund investing, I was surprised to find that this simple strategy knocked the socks off of mine.

Frankly, this was an embarrassing realization for me. It was hard for me to accept. It seemed counterintuitive to spend *less* time trading to make *more* money.

I still got anxious at the thought of missing a trade opportunity. However, I couldn’t deny that this was a much better option.

I wanted to create an easy way for me to implement this strategy in the crypto market.

After doing more research and building a capable team, I was finally able to come out with Passive Crypto–a product that helps traders and “hodlers” apply the traditional index fund approach in the crypto market.

Since the crypto market is known to be volatile, I included a rebalancer with the indexes. This allows for the scheduled re-investing of profits.

Crypto indexes come with many benefits that trading could not provide me. I wanted to create a way for others like me to use this approach.

I hope this feels refreshing. If you are missing out on a more meaningful life because of the stresses and pitfalls of trading, I hope this can help you.

I am offering you a free 30-day trial right now. Click the link below and I will show you how to connect your cryptocurrency exchange to the platform and become friends with the market.
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