Create iOS and Android Apps for Demands,User can Level Up and Using Crypto only

I can only pay for USD 20 currently but I guarantee that if this apps become successful, you can name your price and we can sign it on stamp letter scanned and we settle it once the money is in. You can choose fiat money or stock / shares in return.

I want to be honest, I don't have money and I cannot pay you. But I can give you the amount of crypto that I believe will far surpass Bitcoin, Ethereum or anything ever existed in Crypto world. You are also a part of something that will be mark on history higher than iPhone, Rolex, SpaceX, Tesla, Microsoft or even Google.

I just got fired from my job, I have nothing except this idea and only few amount of money. I cannot guarantee a fast return, perhaps 1 year or more who knows? It is not for the fainted heart. Only for the bravest and smartest one.

I want to create an apps so people can:
1. Post project
2. Post the things / stuffs they need
3. people can level up once they fulfill certain amount of the quests in this apps, using experience 1-100, 10 exp per 1 quest.
4. People can exchange cryptocurrency to another here, but We only use one cryptocurrency here, those who give quest have to pay in cryptocurrency to the one completed the quests.
5. When register it is free, but when people want to post a quest they have to buy our cryptocurrency.

I want the cryptocurrency to be pegged toward USD and IDR, with ratio of 1 Crypto – USD 4600 or IDR 46 million or 100 BTC.

The cryptocurrency that we created will only have amount / volume of 108,000,000,000.

Later details will be discuss once we have a deal.

Thank You.
Location: Worldwide

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