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Here is your next round of Adel announcements! Stay Tuned!

Adel added to CoinStats ▲ $ADL
We are excited to announce that our $ADL coin has been added to the CoinStats Cryptocurrency portfolio tracker and research.  Discover all the latest cryptocurrency news and trends including everything you need to know about the $ADL market price, charts, and our market cap!

Adel Listed on Bituniverse ▲ $ADL
Adelphoi ADL can now be found on BitUniverse, cryptocurrency portfolio and trading terminal!

Adel added to Apple Store ▲ Community Portal
We are happy to announce that the Adel Portal is now available on the Apple Store! Adel is a technology incubator for blockchain innovation. The Adel community collaborates on ideas and uses the Adelwiki� to collectively create business plans. Members can vote on projects and can become profit participants when they are launched. Download our app now for access to vote, incubate, invest, and collaborate!

AdelPoint now a Project ▲ P2 Stage
AdelPoint is Adel�s self-sustaining decentralized ecosystem that offers free and secure file transfers for the public. We have now moved this idea to the P2 Project Planning stage! To learn more register or login to the Adel portal and navigate to the Incubation table. Become a Founder to collaborate and contribute to the P2 AdelWiki process of AdelPoint

AdelPoint Article ▲ Node Contributor
Steemit user opportunities has written an article on how to become a Node Contributor for AdelPoint. This article covers the basics of using our new decentralized file sharing platform.

Adel Twitter ▲ Community Updates
Be sure to keep up with us on Twitter and stay tuned to our latest ideas, and projects.


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