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What is CoinMetro ?

   CoinMetro is a centralised exchange packed with features like :
  –  being fully regulated : no sudden delisting or trading stops like Coinbase or Bitmex.
  –  24/7 support : confidence to have someone to talk to to fix any issue
  –  best fiat on/off ramp : USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, and more later when enough demand
  –  margin trading  5x
  –  copy trading : choose a trader to copy his moves automatically
  –  securities marketplace : invest in companies through tokenized bonds and trade the token on the platform
  –  stacking (coming Q1 2020)

Is it a good exchange ?

   Fuck yeah it is ! Super easy to use, super clean navigation, stable and fast.
Its adoption is going exponential. During 2020, signups have gone up 12x, revenue 20x and volume 30x. And january 2021 sees crazy new ATH on every metrics so far.
It has excellent reviews on trustpilot
It has one of the lowest fees on the market with 0% maker fee and 0,1% taker fee. Furthermore, you can unlock rebates by stacking XCM (their native token, more on that later) : 20% rebates for taker fee and 50% of taker fee as a maker. You can actually gain money as a maker !
CoinMetro is making huge effort to unearth crypto gems for their clients. It has listed Quant and even launched PRQ. They are not listing every shitcoins for their customers to gamble and loose all their money, consolidating their client base.

And what about that securities marketplace ?

   CoinMetro partnered with another company called Ignium (co-founded by CoinMetro's CEO) that issue tokens in a fully regulated manner.
For example, companies can issue tokens through Ignium and exchange them in an initial offering on CoinMetro. Currently, CoinMetro and a japanese hotel resort are using it, and more to come.
You can buy CoinMetro bonds token with an interest rate paid daily (8 to 12% per annum) during 2 years. At the end of this 2 years, you can convert your bond tokens to XCM tokens or equity-like token and own a share of the company !

More on that here :

After the initial offering, you can trade your bond tokens on the secondary market like any other token.
It's very new but very promising !

Did I catch your attention yet ?
Go checkout for yourself and get a feel of it (remove ref if you will) :

Last but not least, let's talk about XCM, their native token.
What's a good exchange without a good investment opportunity ? Well, here it is !
XCM is their utility token :
  –  trade fees are 100% used to market buy XCM. 1-50% of these are vaulted (before they can legally burn them) and the rest is used to pay rebates, affiliate program, and CoinMetro itself
  –  you can use XCM to unlock rebate tiers with the best tier (50k XCM) 20% rebate and 50% maker bonus
  –  later this year, you will be able to use XCM as margin collateral or copy-trading collateral, and stake it.
With the latest surge in signups and volume, XCM has gone through the roof, going 4x in a matter of days !

With CoinMetro building its reputation, XCM seems to have a bright future, but as always, do your own research !
Checkout PRQ and QNT also Wink

Link here (remove ref if you will) :


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