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   For those who do not know what is I�ll give you a brief description is a suite of decentralized finance (DeFi) products focused on creating a simple way to generate rewards on various assets via best-in-class liquidity mining, soft staking, proof of stake (PoS) and airdrops.

Liquidity Mining:
   Liquidity pools are thus a bellwether of maturation for decentralized cryptocurrency
markets. EGG will be the transaction token in the COCORICOS platform for the major
liquidity pools on UNISWAP.


   We are leveraging Staking to deliver high yields thru the COCORICOS platform. In simple
terms, one of the blockchain development directions is so-called Proof-of-Stake (PoS)
consensus algorithm.

It has proven to be a good alternative to systems running Proof-of-Work (PoW). Novel DeFi
environment allows EGG token holders to stake through trusted blockchain networks and
receive high passive yields. The platform also offers soft staking for ERC20 tokens before
expanding to non-Ethereum blockchains.


    COCORICOS� Airdrop platform helps project or campaign owners to increase their
popularity, traffic, visibility and boost their social media appearance.

  It is a fully measurable, escrowed with ads tracking and automated verification mechanics
system based on A.I. for attracting & interacting with customers.

  COCORICOS provides a two-sided value proposition to both advertisers and users of the
platform (bounty hunters, influencers, webmasters)


     There are a variety of actors across COCORICOS' protocol matrix. i.e liquidity providers/
takers, staking protocols, developers and community contributors for airdrops etc.

   We believe that the most viable solution for an open finance platform is the EGG being the
transaction token in the network and serving the role of providing utility. It should also be
acting as a proxy to govern the protocols and accrue the network effect of the
COCORICOS platform.

   As an open finance protocol network, EGG's key values are driven by liquidity, assets/
token reserve and network effects built around these protocols.

  The token economics is to encourage positive feedback loops and facilitate sustainable
and long-term incentive alignments. EGG is a platform utility token that enables protocol
governance, fee payment, staking and incentives.

 EGG will facilitate the following functionalities:

Governance Token:

     EGG acts as a voting vehicle within the ecosystem and community engagement.
Governance also allows EGG holders to dictate the EGG's protocol and EGG's token
primitive, i.e to modify, expand and govern key features of EGG protocol matrix and
expand EGG's own utility.

   However, fully decentralized on-chain governance takes time and is a gradual process, we
believe it�s� important to find the protocol market fit before taking massive leap towards
fully decentralizing governance.

Fee Payment:

    EGG can be utilized as a fee payment token within the COCORICOS ecosystem, including
coin mintage/disaggregation fee payment, reward payment etc.

System Stabilizer:

     EGG acts as the last resort for safeguarding all EGG's protocols in extreme events, i.e bad
debt and accidental hack in asset liquidity protocols or other unintended consequences in
extreme events. i.e in the event that the massive bad debts crystallized as a result of
protocol malfunction or hack, EGG shall be issued or auctioned to cover those bad debts
and recapitalize the protocol.

Incentive Token:

    EGG is the ultimate system token of COCORICOS's protocol matrix and its ecosystem
platforms (i.e liquidity market, staking, airdrop etc), hence it is the vehicle that captures the
economic values of the entire system and it will also be facilitated as major vehicle for
providing liquidity, staking and airdrop incentives.



Token Name:

Pre Sale Rate:

    0.10 DAI / EGG (50% Bonus)

Uniswap Initial Rate:

      0.10 DAI/EGG

Uniswap Listing Date:

        15 JAN 2021

Initial Liquidity Pairs:

     EGG-ETH/ Uniswap

EGG (v2) Migration Ratio (Paid EGG):


EGG (v2) Migration Ratio (Airdrops):


Tokens to Burn:

            10,000,000 EGG

Burning Period:

          100,000 EGG Every 3 Months

AirsDrop Rewards:
       8,000,000 EGG/ Locked 90 Days

        6,000,000 EGG/ Locked 90 days

Token Type:

Ethereum ERC20






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