Chiliz Chain 2.0 ‘SCOVILLE’ Testnet phase 1\6

Chiliz Chain 2.0 is the first Layer-1 blockchain built specifically for the sports and entertainment industry, allowing brands to mint NFTs, fan tokens, create products in DeFi and Play2Earn, develop loyalty programs, merch — all of which help them unlock the huge potential of Web3.

CC2 will be built on $CHZ, which is an evolution of its application: from currency within the fan platform to the engine of the new Chiliz multi-vertical ecosystem.

1.Connecting Metamask 🦊
Manually add a new network to Metamask:

Network Name: Chiliz Scoville Testnet
Chain ID: 88880
Currency Symbol: CHZ
Block Explorer URL:

2.Request test tokens
Insert your wallet address here and request CHZ to pay fee and various fan tokens (timer 8 minutes)

To display tokens in Metamask:

  • testACM 0x27c294288837D0B8be487Db282058C6c3087B74d
  • testAFC 0x6c91CcF20E55B7e6A5D58Db65cAB607516951904
  • testATM 0x911a6935C6D4271f6F4b3992cd47caC8EbEd4498
  • testBAR 0x4e724A93c993a4Ed692016e35C5B175b1E92b045
  • testCITY 0x9CCBe6aeaF87a5d181a897A72df67DeB1a34009D
  • testGAL 0xB9aD700dDA548f509afE049C6846C70B14968493
  • testINTER 0x8A8ECD3eC11DB38A8683952eF0836fF1cFa85dB0
  • testJUV 0xF07E2a2f21E47b3359284b253017D666faE1Daea
  • testMENGO 0x492F559cDE683bEBB0094Ef9D4544bF2360Dd71E
  • testPSG 0xFcf885081F09BEa9DE6925bbDc41EB61303E6A41
  • testSSU 0xE40beA7F708b563e4E70d529C164288144C01782
  • testTRA 0xe0b2d2c2363dAA6a4F4fD564025EdBFaD58704d3

3. Mint test NFTs

Connect here and mint five NFTs:

That’s all. Waiting for the next phase.

The testnet will consist of six phases. This will allow Chiliz to develop, test and audit smart contracts before launching the main network this year.