Changelly & Magnum Wallet partnership

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The safest way to exchange coins: Changelly & Magnum Wallet collaboration

We are glad to announce the Changelly & Magnum partnership. A new outstanding option for Magnum Wallet users is available: exchange coins and tokens on Ledger directly in Magnum Wallet using the Changelly�s exchange tool. Magnum Wallet is continuously improving the user experience and broadening the options: forks claiming and staking income models, the support of hardware wallets and now exchange � all in one safe wallet.

The benefits of the Magnum & Changelly partnership are apparent since it provides users with a great opportunity not only to manage their digital assets in a particular blockchain network but also to exchange one coin to another. Moreover, there is a supreme option to exchange coins using hardware wallets and to be on the safest side.

About Magnum Wallet

Magnum is a light and anonymous web wallet for managing more than 700 crypto assets. Magnum desires to provide users with the opportunities to earn passive income on their digital assets. The passive income models provided by Magnum Wallet can be interesting for all kinds of users. Magnum regularly lists the forks of Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies to allow users to claim these forks and earn extra funds safely. Another way to receive a passive income is to participate in DPOS like networks. One can earn interest on delegating or staking coins in the Tezos and Komodo networks. Magnum keeps observing the market to include as many safe and profitable features as possible in order to allow users to increase their income.



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