Chainx, no ico, no premine, NPoS, Crossmining, 21M supply

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What is ChainX(PCX)a Polkadot parachain

ChainX transforms inter-chain assets in a unified way, and any chain can establish asset interoperability with all chains as long as it establishes a connection with ChainX.ChainX value user's mining power based on the market value of BTC, DOT, ETH, ERC20, EOS and other assets that user cross-chain deposit in. There is no ICO and pre-mining. ChainX will try to make the validator scalable and civilization. ChainX will use the POS algorithm to establish the first blockchain network that can game for a long time.


Token Information

Total Amount:21,000,000
Mainnet Started 25-5-2019
Halving 2 years
Circulation:250k approx (By the time of the announcement)

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