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Each Certified Diamond Coin (CDC) coin is provided with a 0.05 carat diamond. 95% of the ensuring consists of INVESTMENT DIAMONDS (about which a little bit later). Their price starts at $ 5,000 and higher (much higher). In the future, it is planned to enter the partnerships with banks, which will allow paying by CDC and exchange coins for your national currency in one click, without any help of exchangers or stock exchanges. It will be possible to place diamonds to various jewelers on the platform, which will be very profitable for them.

The project has several goals:

� To bring a stable and reliable tool to the cryptocurrency market.

� To create a tool for the most secure capital preservation. Investors should not worry about the fact that at one moment their account will be frozen or part of their money will depreciate the inflation / financial crisis.

� To allow payments with a cryptocurrency at the household level, without any help of exchangers or stock exchanges.

� To create a convenient platform for jewelers who will be able to place their gems on it and enjoy the benefits of the platform (this will be a separate service).

Why the choice fell on diamonds and why this is the ideal subject of collateral


� Investment diamonds have very low volatility, sometimes even quarterly (the price changes once a quarter).

-In times of economic upheavals and crises, diamonds lose the least value and save their value. For example, during the crisis of 2008, gold lost approximately 30% in price, platinum 60%, and the fall of diamonds did not reach more than 15%, while the indicator of high quality is even lower.

� Each diamond is unique as a fingerprint. They may have the same characteristics (weight, faceting, etc.), but each stone has a personal identification code. Due to this, the market becomes completely transparent, which is impossible to achieve with gold or dollar. The platform will feature all the diamonds ensured by the CDC. Each diamond will have its own identification code and you can order each (of course, in exchange for your CDC).

When you receive a stone, you can check this code (scan the barcode) and thus verify that the diamond was sent to you. This system completely excludes the fact of fraud, because if a diamond is not sent, but it is listed on the platform, then the company is manipulating capitalization and it will immediately reveal.

100% transparency is achieved through this approach, which cannot be achieved with other traditional assets like fiat currency or gold.

� Diamonds are not a renewable resource, the amount of which is finite. There is need to put a lot of effort for the extraction and processing of a diamond. All this makes value to the asset.

� There is is the fact among the already less significant dignity that the gems are not large and the state of $ 100 million can be placed in a small safe or conveniently transported somewhere.

In the interim result, I would like to note that gold, dollar and other assets are more volatile, more susceptible to economic shocks and do not allow for full transparency.

All this time we have been talking about the CDC stablecoin, however, the project has another token- DPT. It was one who was distributed to investors as part of ICO and it is available for purchase on stock exchanges now.

DPT is the project�s internal volatile currency. It was created to raise funds during the ICO. Essentially, DPT is a link between investors and the platform, because it is necessary for:

� Commission fees;

� Voting;

� Placing diamonds on the platform (Jewelers will be able to place their gems on a separate service platform).

� It is also planned to launch a number of other services that require the use of DPT.

DPT can be considered as an investment tool. We appreciate our investors and will make every effort to support this asset. For this, the commission received in the DPT tokens will be burned.


Thus, together with the growing popularity of the platform, the demand for DPT will grow, but at the same time, its supply will be directly proportional to decrease.

At the moment, DPT is trading on several exchanges, the functioning of the platform is basically impossible without it.

What does our project offer?

� The ability for each person to keep assets in truly reliable instruments.

� Pay for cryptocurrency and exchange money for the national currency in a few clicks, without any risks of locking the wallet.

� Minimal chances that your money will loses its value.

All this will soon become a reality. All world jewelers will have the opportunity to place diamonds (certified) on the platform with minimal commissions and great amenities for sale. Ordinary people will be able to keep their funds in truly reliable assets and without any risk of blocking the account, besides, there is no more necessity to sell CDC on the exchange for getting the fiat currency that you need. All this can be done in the application in a couple clicks

You can buy DPT on and
Pre-ico price 3.5$ and ICO price was 5$


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