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Where Crypto meets the road.

A new online start-up is aiming to create a bridge between the cryptocurrency and automotive
industries while providing Carnomaly members, consumers, and dealers with the best online automotive
buying and selling experience.

The website�s name, Carnomaly, is a portmanteau of �car� and �anomaly.� �We want it to be clear
that we�re a new and different kind of automotive platform, totally unlike the current online auto
trading sites, and we�re breaking the rules and bridging the gaps between the automotive
industry – a trillion-dollar-plus business in the US alone – and the cryptocurrency world, which
continues to attract a whole new breed of investor,� says Scott Heninger, Director of Carnomaly
and an 18-year veteran of the auto sales industry.

For members in the site�s crypto currency – dubbed the CARR token – the website will offer
attractive rebates on any new or used car purchase worldwide. The CARR token will be hosted
on the Ethereum network using its ERC-20 smart contract, which follows a list of standards that
ensures the tokens can be shared, exchanged for other tokens, or transferred to a crypto wallet.
But it�s not just members of the site�s game-changing crypto tokens that will benefit from an
improved car buying experience. �Unlike our competitors, we�re committed to ensuring people
can browse the site and the cars on offer anonymously, without having to give contact details
that dealers then use to make intrusive and irritating sales calls,� Heninger says. �And because
we�re making it easier and cheaper for car dealers and private sellers to list their cars, that cost
savings will ultimately be passed on to the consumer in the form of better prices.�

The start-up also plans to make trades between dealers more efficient and cost-effective, also
allowing dealers to search anonymously for cars they are interested in adding to their inventory.
�The current automotive trading platforms encourage undervalued trades, high interest rates,
and overpaying for vehicles while frustrating the consumer with a confusing and overly
complicated buying process,� Heninger says. �Carnomaly has thought of a solution to all these
problems, while also boasting the first system that allows dealers to accept cryptocurrency as
payment – this is the future of online automotive sales.�
Carnomaly has launched early member signups, beginning in the US with plans to expand worldwide


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