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Why another content distribution blockchain?

What is the problem?

When the idea of distributing content using blockchain first came out, we really liked it. Later, there were more projects that came out. Most of them provide similar idea and functionalities. That is complete fine, as long as anyone of them work.
But we had waited so long. Most of them just provide a blockchain platform, and there is no application running on them at all. Only few projects created one application for demo only. If there is none or only one application running on the blockchain, what is the point using blockchain?
After thoroughly considered, it all makes sense. Just a platform plus APIs are NOT enough, because there are some concerns:
1.   The sophistication of project. If a platform tries to provide a general-purpose set of functionalities for all types of applications, it must lack of some functionalities for each application�s specific needs.
2.   The duration of project. What if the project decides to terminate for any reason? As we have seen, so many projects just disappeared after they raised funds or have no/little progress at all.
3.   The direction of project. What if the project decides to go other direction than the teams claims in the white paper?
4.   The support of project. As most of blockchain platforms need to support many types of applications, your needs may not be their priorities.
We understand the above concerns could happen to any projects, including ours. So, the concerns all come down to cost and risk. If platform just provide generic APIs for applications to use, which means the development cost will be falling on 3rd party, which leads to bigger risks on them too. This is why there are so few applications on each platform.

What we do?

Keeping those concerns in mind, instead of just providing a blockchain platform and hoping someone would join, we decided to operate a service oriented full stack ecosystem, end to end. We support our business model, act quickly to business changes and provide products/services as many as possible, but only targeting our ecosystem needs. In a nutshell, we try to reduce the cost and risk on your end and provide services to help your web sites succeed. Because our success is based on how successful you are.
Right now, we are focusing on text-based content, like blogs and news. Our content management system (CMS) can get your blog sites set up in minutes. Besides CMS, we also provide storage service, data analysis service, etc. Any of services can be provided by any 3rd parties as well. And it�s up to service providers whether the services they provide are free or not. Our ecosystem is open to anyone.
Not like steemit and publish0x, they are using blockchain technologies thought, but they are still centralized web sites. We want to go a step further and make it more decentralized, by creating web sites all over the world that share the same content from blockchain. See figure below.

Who are audiences?

There are three types of audiences in the content industry, content distributors (web sites), content creators (authors), content consumers (readers).
1.   Content Distributors. Web site owners can use our content management system (CMS) to set up blog sites just in minutes on their own domain name, then customize web sites later, such as color, layout of each page, contents, etc. No technical experiences needed.
The CMS will be free forever and be open source in the future. The costs of setting up a blog site are the domain name registration fee and web hosting fee. They don�t pay any fee to us.
Web site owner has complete control on his blog site. With technical details have been handled by us, he just needs to focus on business, for instance, how to operate his site, promote his site, serve his audiences better and get more traffic. All contents, blogs in the blockchain are shared with everyone, web site owner gets to choose what to show or not to show from blockchain for his web site and how to run ads on this blog site.
Blockchain platform APIs are open to everyone. Our CMS is built on those APIs too. Any 3rd parties are welcome to build their own CMS. Just we have set a high bar already, and we like competitions.

2.   Content Creators.
a)   Authors will be able to publish their stories from any web sites that are created by CMS. Since web sites are all connected via blockchain, there is no way your stories will be censored or blocked. But whether the stories will be chosen by any web sites, it�s completely up to the owner of each web site. If your story is great, it will be accepted and gone viral very quick.
b)   Unlike conventional media sites, if a site blocks you, you lose all followers/fans. Here, authors are not bound to any of web sites. Any stories you write, any followers/fans you get, they are written in blockchain, and will belong to you forever. No one can shut you off and take them away from you.
c)   To monetize the stories, authors will be awarded by us, readers and ads. You are author, it�s up to you how you want to run ads in your stories. Just remember, readers may not like too many ads.
And furthermore, authors can even set the price of each stories and get 100% what readers pay. We take no cut from it.
3.   Content Consumers. Every reader has different preferences and tastes, so does each web site. You will find your favorite web site and make friends on web site.

Contact us

We are a group of developers and team is Vancouver, Canada based. The product is MVP ready, and we have working demo sites.
So, we are looking for someone who have business development background, believe this idea is going to work and have experiences with operating such project.
If you are interested, and regret that you missed previous projects, here is your chance again. Come on board and connect with us on Telegram: @d_comm


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