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BUZZIN Bounty! New Tasks Every Day

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The platform regularly publishes new crypto projects.
Each project deposits its coins (tokens) to the platform, intended for payments to bounty hunters.
Tasks and rewards of all crypto projects are constantly added to one common list.

The hunter can perform any task of any project from the list to get the specified number of points (not coins).
All points are summarized and the manager checks the completed tasks and verifies these points monthly.

For the sum of his verified points, a hunter can receive coins of any project presented on the platform.
Points are exchanged for coins according to the internal exchange rate established on the platform within the limit of exchange.

Register on Buzzin Platform

Benefits of the Buzzin bounty:

• The platform has been work and paying since middle 2018
• Many of the presented coins (tokens) are already traded
• There are a large number of projects and new ones are constantly being added
• You can choose only tasks and social networks that are convenient for you
• You can do all the tasks in a row to accumulate universal points
• Your points will be checked and credited to your balance monthly
• Points can be exchanged for coins of any project presented on the platform
• Ordered coins arrive in your wallet during the day
 (there are exceptions)
• No KYC needed

After creating an application for exchanging points for the selected tokens,
the platform will offer you to transfer a small ETH amount (approx. $0.10-$0.20) to cover the cost of gas.

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