“What we are looking for PNetwork is a protocol that facilitates cross-chain liquidity and integration between different blockchains thanks to bridges that leverage a proprietary technology based on TEE. At the moment we have the most number of bridges in all the crypto space connecting Bitcoin, Ethereum , Litecoin, EOS, Binance Smart Chain, Telos, xDAI, Polygon and many more to come thanks to the scalability of our technology. We are looking for a Senior BD to join our team. You will coordinate with the management to seek out strategic collaboration opportunities as well as building and maintaining relationships with key partners. Areas of responsibility: Looking for new revenue opportunities and strategic partnerships as well as growing existing relationships Follow up and continuous communication and coordination with external teams, both from the technical and the marketing side, in order to organize at best product releases and related announcements. Coordinating on a daily basis with the internal marketing team to communicate efficiently all the latest and coming news Develop, Maintain and Expand Relationships with Influencers, Community Leaders, Partnered Companies, Investors, Our Community, Exchanges, Development Team. Key characteristics: – You have at least 2 years of previous BD experience in the blockchain industry, preferably in DeFi. You have a proven and successful track record of structuring successful deals and partnerships. You have a strong network of contacts than can be leveraged to strengthen the business You are passionate about cryptos, blockchain and DeFI in particular. You are self motivated and able to work in a fast paced environment. You love to constantly learn and keep abreast of trends and developments in the industry. You can move quickly and independently, using your best judgement. You are a great relationship builder and able to relate differently depending on the people and the circumstances you have in front of you You are a great communicator, whether written or orally, in any context. You conduct rigorous analysis and are able to synthesize complex and multiple source data into fact based and nuanced solutions. You are a great negotiator. You must be fully fluent in English. You respond fast and are readily available. You have a strong understanding of blockchain fundamentals and technology, you have familiarity with Ethereum and smart contract, DeFi protocols and actors Location: remote – EU, Company: pNetwork,

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