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Business Development Manager Job at Autowhale

“About Autowhale:
Autowhale is an ambitious startup focussing on liquidity-oriented services with its headquarters in Vienna, Austria. We are eager to support our clients with state of the art trading software respectively a fair-priced market making solution, completely developed in-house that is highly adjustable to the needs of our clients.
Together with a flexible and welcoming working-atmosphere, we are looking for YOU to join us on our mission to make markets more liquid and transparent.
Also, checkout which is our next product in the pipeline where we will deliver the first comprehensive liquidity-based ranking site for cryptocurrencies.
• Network with new clients (ICOs, companies that rely on a stable exchange connectivity or want to implement some trading strategies customized for them)
• Sustain and manage client relations
• Establish partnerships
Required skills:
• Strong communication skills and reliability
• Fluent (written and spoken) in English
• Understanding of the exchange business and enterprise-grade trading software (not technically)
• Strong network inside (and outside) the crypto-space
• Willing to attend conferences
• Experience in professionally working together with C-Level executives and b2b lead generation
• Fluent (written and spoken) in Mandarin and/or Russian
• (Primitive) understanding of software development and financial market dynamics
• Bringing an existing client base into your job
15% (+) commission per client per month. (on-going payment/salary for each client)
Equity compensation possible if you bring an existing client-base into the job.
Availability: Short term
Outline in your application how you would work on the above-mentioned responsibilities, include a CV and let us know what you expect from us.
Location: Austria,
Company: Autowhale,

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