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Business plan version no.1

BREED is a high concept art project which fuses pornographic sex demand with real world application in the form of planned parenthood and social building.

The philosophy of Breed argues:

1. That modern pornographic productions do not promote healthy nation building and progression of the human species due to avoidance of potent insemination of the human female with the assistance of barriers such as condoms, pulling out, and contraceptives.
2. That high concept art and modern creative productions are removed from a core principle to promote fertility rituals of ancient human tribes, and that modern productions have become hollow and without purpose or relevance to human society and human nature as a result.

BREED will remedy these socio structural flaws by introducing a high concept cryptocurrency based on Waves platform that can adequately meet the financing requirement of human reproduction and fostering. Combined with professional artistic licensing this project will manifest in a pornographic/fertilizing artbook with the primary purpose of contributing and possibly completely cover project expenses. The book intends to restructure the purpose of human creativity and refocus it back to its core nature which is tied to human reproduction rituals, while also servicing a more meaningful concept of actually promoting life giving instead of becoming a consumerist weekend novelty with minimal cultural relevance over time.

There are several financing milestones that must be achieved before production can commence:

-A sovereign exotic location must be secured without intereference by external oppositional forces if any such may exist at this stage or later in development. The complex should have access to hospital resources for childbirthing phase, general healthcare for newborn and raised children, educational resources and staffing, professional photographic and video production studio for the BREED high concept artbook.

-Recruitment of adult females who are willing to participate in the complete pre pornographic production ritual and become fertilized and pregnant and carry a fetus until childbirth including breastfeeding for a period up to 24 months post birth.

-Recruitment and staffing of personnel who can manage social outreach programs inorder to generate a steady supply of females during pre production phase.

All crypto members who participate in seed funding round 1 and thereafter will be invited to the filming location to participate in a complex fertilizing ritual of the female(s) which will take place over a period of years during principal photography and book production. We will be shooting the moment of fertilization of the human female in different angles (creampie) with a backstory similar to 90's high budget pornographic productions possibly including some other sexual scenery. This production will be professional and structured with quality clothing materials, body painting and digital enhancements to mirror sci-fi and fantasy movies or graphic novels according to certain pre set parameters in accordance with the creative directors vision.

There are additional philosophical and ideological influences that will guide this project from inception until completion:

1. Females can be of any race so long as they are slim, fit and healthy and clean from any sexual disease with willingness to become pregnant and have unprotected sex with other clean males. The female form should be proportionate with a low BMI. Ideal primary breeding candidates are supermodel lookalikes such as Gisele Bundchen with no minimum height requirement. There will also be a wing of operations dedicated to sampling other phenotypes for genepool mixing. There will be absolutely zero tolerance for any type of counter ideological infiltration attempts with a purpose of sabotaging production cycle. The projected size of the finished work (the BREED book) is 50-100 pages including graphic representation of several dozen high performance insemination scenes with custumed or body painted or digitally enhanced characters.
2. Male participants should be well endowed and in good physical shape with low body fat and sexually healthy without any other major genetic disorder. A healthy regiment of diet and exercise is promoted at the BREED facility but there are no mandatory rules except no tobacco or strong liquour. Wealthy clients who contribute a larger share towards project realization only have the requirement of being genetically fit and healthy outside the scope of what is regarded as superior or model aestethics.

This is the operational timeline for BREED which will take place over the course of several years for the insemination phase, and 36 months for the childrearing phase (These stages will mix as more females are transfered to phase 2 after insemination and delivery):

-Mint a cryptocurrency and distribute it to 100 000 potential investors on Waves platform

-Wait for feedback and demand assessment before continuing development

-If funding targets are attained within reasonable time, proceed to step four

-Begin recruitment of studio filming locations and full time staffing with HR organizational expertise, possibly sourced from the modeling or adult industry.

-Organize a consistent social recruitment program to generate a flow of eligible females into the project. This includes artistic asset generation on social media platforms by retainer staffing of merited artists recruited on freelancer platforms, and in field scouts in various country locations.

-Recruit cinematographic experts and custume/body painting fulfillers who can work on location during production shooting.

-Compile edited materials into BREED version 1. Send to book manufacturing fulfillers.

-Obtain long term sales channels for the book which contain graphic elements and as such may not easily reach or be accepted by a mainstream audience.

Phase 2:

-Allocate resources for females during pregnancy and delivery stage 1 until 24 months post childbirth. It is envisioned that females enjoy a spa or resort like experience with comfortable materials and high quality products for this stage.

-The purpose after year 3 is to release females from custody of the children who will then conform to a BREED educational program with a focus on pro social group behaviour and awareness and avoidance of ideological campaigning. All traditional and cultural expressions are permitted with the exception of damaging cultural influences such as ideology or extremism, damaging diets (drugs/alcohol/tobacco), television. Parents are able and encouraged to remain together and also to release their child from the BREED educational program at any time without any ramifications since it is a conceptual platform to stimulate reproduction while maintaining revenue flow from the cryptocurrency and book. Parents may receive occassional educational advice until the child reaches age 18, and possibly receive some form of invitation to anniversaries or other related celebrations if project becomes highly profitable in the future.


How much will this cost?

1. Production for a format A3 hardcover, 70 page high quality artbook will cost $200 per copy and resell for $500 minimum. Expense estimate (EE) for batch 1 after which recurring profit will make it self generating: $10 000
2. Recruitment staffing class (RSC) 1 including socially talented HR management. EE for 1 or 2 full time officers: $3000-6000 per month for a duration of 2-5 years.
3. RSC2 including artistic or pornographic personnel with recording equipment. EE for a crew on retainer:
unknown but possibly $5000 per scene x24 over a period of a few years.
4. RSC3 including make up and fitting artists. EE unknown but must include expense for material creation for the star couple and possibly some gangbang oriented scenes. With 24 scenes and an EE of up to $5000 per performer including RSC3 salaries.
5. RSC4 including healthcare management. EE is on retainer using extant healthcare infrastructure, nonetheless it may represent significant expenses during pregnancy and delivery, $3000 per pregnancy and delivery including transportation.
6. RSC5 including care maintenance for females post delivery up to 24 months depending if the child is release into their custody or if they choose to remain in BREED facility. $2000-4000 per month/x24 months/x24 females plus $5000-10 000 per month rent to house everyone in one single complex.
7. RSC6 creative management compensation. $4000/month and 25% revshare on all future profits including a 25% coin stake retainer with a 12 month lockin period.
8. RSC7 including digital or CGI artist/video & photo editor. EE for one full time employee: $4000/month.
9. Studio locations. EE $2000-5000/month over a few years.
10. Reserve balance for unexpected transfers: EE $3000/month (repayable if unused by project completion).

Total cost estimate over 3 years: $40 000/month (with an additional $100 000 per month if all parents choose to remain in a BREED facility up to 24 months after childbirth, repayable to investors if unused by project completion).

Coin info:

Name: BREED [asset id: E5JnmmjoRz4uXyN8AVB2dVF3BnChPDvrSUzWFaWVLDwA]Algo: WAVES
Max supply: 5 million
Initial price per token: $1
USP: need tokens to participate in project/buy the book.
Preliminary annual airdrop (investment yield): 10%
Minimum buyin to participate in the fertilization ritual with a model of your choice: $200 000/200 000 BREED
Maximum spots available: 24


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