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Website dstra.io
Registrar domain NameCheap, Inc
Domain reg 2018-03-01
Domain exp 2020-03-01
Nameservers gabe.ns.cloudflare.com
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DSTRA is a POS & Masternode cryptocurrency, that will be distributed entirely by airdrops. Our methodology and system for distribution, is our Proof of Community (POC) concept, where users get awarded based on their involvement within the DSTRA community.

Trading DSTRA

DSTRA is already tradeable on Crex24, feel free to buy/sell your precious DSTRA coins whenever you want.

Requirements & Rules

– Every member willing to join must wear the signature and the avatar.
– You must join our Discord server following the link above.
– Be assured to post an #Proof of authentication post and apply using the #number in the application form.
– You should keep at least 50% of your received coins in order to participate in the next round's bounty.
– We only accept good quality posts, we won't tolerate any spammer joining this campaign.
– You must wear the signature until the round ends.
– Your posts should contain at least 75 characters.
– Your posts must be related to the topic.
– If we findout that you are using multiple accounts, you will be excluded and reported to the mods.
– Only Members/ Full members/ Sr. Members / Hero and Legendary are accepted.
– You must reach 10 posts weekly in order to get your reward.
– Posts on our main thread aren't necessarly counted but we do prefer them.
– You must PM me on discord when opting out of the campaign, you should inform us if you want to leave the campaign.
– The bounty moderator and Dstra team has the right to update,modify and change the rules without informing anyone.
– There's no KYC required, you only need to wear the signature and reach the min posts requirement.
– No more than 4 posts in a day, you should not spam the forum, spread your posts on 4 days at least.
– The campaign will remain active until the budget is drained.
– We might run the campaign for a longer period, it depends on the response of the community and the results.

The Rewards

Members: 1st week: 200 DST, 2nd week and further – 250 DST

Full Members: 1st week: 300 DST, 2nd week and further – 350 DST

Sr. Members: 1st week: 400 DST, 2nd week and further – 450 DST

Hero/Legendary Members: 1st week: 500 DST, 2nd week and further – 550 DST

The Bounty Rounds

Week 1 : 28 May – 4 June

Week 2 : 4 June – 11 June

Week 3 : 11 June – 18 June


Every participant is invited to respond to the bounty's thread with an authentication post and then use the number of that post in the application form.

The Signatures
Signature for Members

Signature for Full Members

Signature for Sr. Members

Signature for Hero/Legendary Members

Twitter: https://twitter.com/dstra_io

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DSTRAio-1234753919990666/

Discord: https://discord.gg/tqq4PZe

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